6 Reasons Why Invisalign Outshines Braces

Having a great smile and a better teeth appearance enhances your confidence in yourself when talking to others. Earlier before, there were limited options for straightening teeth. However, you have heard about multiple options such as Invisalign and braces. Invisalign Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY, has become the most teeth straightening option people utilize in the area. Why is invisalign so popular than braces? Here are 6 reasons why Invisalign outshines braces

Invisalign is easy to clean

Braces are sometimes complex in giving your teeth a better cleaning. Food products are stuck in hard-to-reach positions, contributing to poor dental hygiene when you do not clean them adequately. However, when choosing Invisalign aligners, you can pop out and clean easily. It would be easy to floss and brush between brackets since you can remove them completely. The ability to floss and brush normally is essential in safeguarding oral health.

More comfortable

Inserting new tools in the mouth normally takes a special period to get used. Invisalign has smooth edges and does not have sharp edges that possibly irritate your cheeks. Also, they do need to be tightened. The health practitioner provides multiple aligners, which you are expected to change after two weeks. However, braces have to be strengthened by your specialist.

No restrictions on some foods

The orthodontist prohibits you from consuming given foods or chewing gums when you go for braces. There are instances where patients ignore this advice and are at greater risk of damaging their wires. However, orthodontists do not restrict you from any meal if you choose Invisalign. You can consume any meal without damaging your teeth.

Minimal visits to the orthodontist

If you opt to go with invisalign, the orthodontist will give you a series of aligners that you can change yourself without any complications. You would also have an appointment with your specialist to check the treatment progress, but on fewer occasions. However, if you choose braces, you will be required to visit your orthodontist several times to receive brace wire tightening as you cannot do it yourself.

Zero discoloration

Some patients with braces have been reported to have slight discoloration of their teeth where braces spots. This mainly occurs when you intake a massive amount of sugary foods. Even though there are limited chances of encountering discoloration from braces, it is possible to avert it completely with invisalign. Since your orthodontist does not mount aligners to the teeth, you can easily clean your teeth carefully.

Invisalign are invisible

Several individuals have been complaining that braces are unattractive. Having braces means that everybody is likely to notice your smile. On the other hand, invisalign can provide you with similar outcomes as braces without other people noticing. This is because they are made up of transparent plastic, meaning they are invisible when you smile.

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