6 Reasons You May Want To Visit A Periodontist To Avoid Periodontal Disease

When it comes to your overall health and wellness, the importance of your gum health cannot be overstated. If your gums are in pain, the effects can be felt throughout your body. About half of all Americans aged 30 and up suffer from periodontal disease. When left untreated, the gum disease progresses, and oral bacteria infiltrate the bloodstream; hence, it can lead to heart and lung problems, as well as more visible difficulties like tooth loss. The great news, though, is that, if found early enough, most forms of periodontal disease are quite treatable. The key is recognizing what to watch out for and arranging a visit with your periodontist at Ueno Center Dental Specialists before it is too late. Here are some key symptoms to look out for that could suggest periodontal disease in its early stages:

1.  Sudden Change Or Shift In Your Bite

The gums and bones surrounding your teeth are designed to keep them in position, but periodontal disease can weaken them. As a result, teeth become loose, and, finally, the tooth is lost completely. If you have observed a sudden or gradual shift in your bite, it can be a symptom of deteriorating gums that needs professional evaluation.

2.  Receding Gums

It can be hard to observe a retreating gumline as it is usually a progressive process that occurs with time. One significant indicator, though, is that your teeth appear to be longer than they were previously. It is worth paying attention to because it can be a reason for concern.

3.  Tender Or Bleeding Gums

Healthy gums should be firm, pinkish in hue, and not bleed easily. One of the first indicators of periodontal disease is sore or swollen gums while flossing and chewing. Thus, a visit to your periodontist is essential to evaluate the condition. 

4.  Foul Breath

While there are numerous reasons for foul breath, germs in and around your teeth are the most common. More often than not, this bacteria could culminate into gum disease. Arrange a visit with your periodontist to see if periodontal disease is the inherent reason for your foul breath.

5.  Heightened Sensitivity In Your Teeth

The roots of your teeth become revealed as your gums recede. The roots are more sensitive to hot and cold meals and beverages because they lack the protective enamel coating that the rest of your teeth have. If you experience discomfort while eating very cold or hot items, you might need a professional evaluation.

6.  Pre-Existing Conditions Or Unhealthy Lifestyle

Persons at a greater risk for periodontal disease include tobacco users, diabetics, and pregnant women, to name a few. If you fall under any of these categories, regular consultation with your periodontist should be on your ‘to-do’ list to ensure you avoid gum disease as much as possible. 

Do not wait till your next scheduled visit. Rather, keep a lookout for these six warning signs of periodontal issues. If you are experiencing any of these dental problems, you should seek expert care from a periodontist as soon as feasible. Get started today by calling the periodontal practice in Campbell, CA, or book an appointment online.

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