Factors to Improve Your Dental and Overall Health

You probably have experienced tooth pain at some point in life. Sometimes the tooth pain is so severe that you cannot bear it. Different factors may lead to tooth pain, including cavities, tooth decay, or tooth injury. It may also signal an oral health problem, including gum disease, or an infection. When the pain raises its essential to seek medical care to enhance comfort and sort out the issue. The cosmetic and general dentist Beaumont, CA specialist Dr. Park provides high-quality dental care for an improved smile and oral health. Read more on the dental services you need in your daily life.

Emergency dentistry

It involves the provision of immediate dental care to alleviate pain, save your teeth and promote your oral health. There are different cases you may need emergency dentistry, for instance, sometimes a tooth pain may be so severe that it cannot wait for an appointment.

Other dental causes that require emergency dentistry, include:

·         Lost tooth

·         Knocked-out tooth

·         Lost crown or filling

·         Broken or cracked tooth


Tooth extractions happen when you have severely damaged teeth. Usually, extractions prevent our oral health by stopping an infection’s growth. Other reasons you may need tooth extractions include:

·         Overcrowding

·         Tooth trauma

·         Wisdom teeth removal

·         Gum disease

·         Preparing for an orthodontic treatment

It’s not usually the first treatment option, but it’s done to promote your health when necessary.

Teeth whitening

Our teeth change their color naturally as we age. Some lifestyle habits contribute to teeth discoloration too. Teeth whitening, therefore, is a regular dental treatment that helps restore the color of our smile.

Teeth whitening is a dental procedure to brighten teeth using a bleaching agent. It removes the stains on your teeth, enhancing your smile. Removing teeth discoloration also improves your confidence and smile appearance.

You can use teeth whitening to eliminate tooth stains caused by the following.

·         Smoking

·         Tobacco chewing

·         Illness

·         Poor oral hygiene

·         Certain medications

·         Pigmented foods and drinks

Dental implants

Tooth loss may occur from different factors, including accidents or oral infection. Having missing teeth may not go so well with your oral health and smile appearance. It may lead to tooth loss, affect your teeth function, and lower your smile quality.

Dental implants are an effective treatment option for replacing missing teeth. They resemble your natural teeth, hence enhancing your natural teeth’ function. Other dental implants benefits include:

·         Restores and promotes facial structure

·         Improves chewing and digestive function

·         Providing support for denture or bridge

·         Prevents speech problems

Your provider inserts the implant into your jawbone and later attaches a crown on the upper part of the tooth root. The implant fuses into your jawbone over time, giving stable and permanent support.


It involves the diagnosis and treatment of various jaw and health problems. Periodontics also works to prevent such issues. You may need periodontal care if you experience the following:

·         Gum recession

·         Bad breath

·         Swollen gums

·         Missing teeth

·         Bleeding gums

Periodontal treatments, such as bone grafting, deep pocket cleaning, and implant placement, may be necessary to treat your periodontal problem.

A healthy oral system begins with little daily habits, such as brushing and flossing. Besides promoting our smile, dental health services are vital for our general wellbeing. Contact Beaumont Cherry Valley Dental today to schedule your dental treatment.

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