Keep Your Dental Handpieces in Top Condition

The dental handpiece is a tool of great importance to any dental clinic. Occasionally, repairs and replacement are necessary and you want to make sure you get quality parts, service, or tools.

Replacement Parts Locator

NHBB and Myonic are popular brands when it comes to dental handpieces but what if you need a part for another brand? Being able to depend on professionals that have the ability to locate the parts you need and ensure they are high-quality is priceless. You can get all of your non-working dental handpieces working like new.

Quality, Fast Repairs

You can opt to have your handpieces and oral surgery equipment repaired if you need assistance in getting your handpieces working again. All repairs are done to exact specification and you’ll be pleased with the results. It’s the perfect solution when the repairs needed are more than surface items and you’ve never repaired dental handpieces previously.

Affordable High-Quality Dental Handpieces

If your handpiece has seen it’s better days, choose from a selection of low-cost quality models that will get you back in business. It’s a more sensible option than purchasing some of the more pricey equipment after an unexpected breakdown. You can pick from a low or high-speed performance.

Worldwide Delivery and Service

You can get parts, repairs, or purchase dental handpieces from any location in the world. Worldwide shipping and repair services give you the flexibility to keep your equipment in great shape no matter what your location. You can enjoy the same quality of service, parts, and handpieces that the most progressive dental offices receive.

Visit and find out more about the comprehensive services available for handpiece parts replacement, repair, or the purchase of new equipment. Maintaining your dental handpieces in great condition is the best way to guarantee you’ll be in business for a long time to come.

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