Tooth whitening makes your smile beautiful

We have observed that most of the patients having dental problems wish that they should have glittering shining pearl like white teeth. The improved facial expression of a person caused by his bleached teeth will unknowingly emit a light which signifies perfect health. They feel that they are victorious by the warmth spread by them causing the same reaction in several people having same facial expression. The bleaching of the teeth is a way of taking out the blemishes occurring in the teeth. There are three distinguished ways of bleaching the teeth. In the first case the patient can bleach his teeth at home.

Secondly the patient has to go to the doctor’s chamber for bleaching the teeth. Thirdly the patient can bleach his teeth by a device producing a beam of electromagnetic radiation. Each of the said mentioned treatments have their own benefits. First we will talk about the bleaching of the teeth done at home. Those patients who have a mild or slightly more faded colour of their normal teeth are advised to get their teeth bleached at home. It is the most conventional method for the patient to get his teeth bleached without the pain caused by taking out any tooth entity. The patient also will not incur any big expenditure for the same.

The new patients who come to the chamber will get teeth bleach without any additional cost and the patients who are already undergoing treatment will get a bleaching semi rigid jelly like colloid in which a liquid is dispersed in solid to be used for their whole life. The patients who have a yellowish or a pale shade of colour in their teeth and also blue and gray blemishes do not get the benefit of bleaching their teeth at home. Younger patients show more visible effect on that part of the tooth which is made white.

The doctors provide the thin flat board or plate of metal or plastic with a raised edge to the patients who will keep the whitening jelly like colloid in which a liquid is dispersed in a solid. This jelly has to be used at home. These plates of metal or plastic contain the jelly like colloid is more effective in taking out the blemishes .They clean the teeth which are at the back portion of the mouth and cleans the whole lot of teeth. This way of bleaching your teeth can take a year by visiting the doctor twice which again relies upon the choice of the patient’s shade and colour of the teeth.

The second way of bleaching your teeth is by visiting the dentist’s chamber. The device producing   a beam of electromagnetic radiation will be used to bleach the teeth of those patients who want to speed up their process of bleaching their teeth, in exactly one hour. It is very useful for patients who suddenly want to attend an interview, or getting settled in life or going to any social program. The doctor will apply the jelly like colloid in which a liquid is dispersed in a solid.

The doctor will fix the rubber like covering to safeguard your fleshy tissue covering the base of your teeth. The doctor will carry out a complete check up to see if there are any small fissures. More quantity of the bleach will penetrate inside the narrow fissures created in the teeth and will give a stripe of a contrasting colour. This way of whitening your teeth takes very less time of only about an hour and the effect will be for three to five years. Patient has to avoid the coloured eatables and drinks like coffee, cola fruits like berries etc which will spoil the colouring of his teeth. The third way of teeth whitening is by using the deep device producing a beam of electromagnetic radiation which is the most effective way of taking out the deep rooted blemishes. The doctor will erase the blue and grey antibiotic synthesized from chlortetracycline blemishes from the patient’s teeth. This way of treatment needs the patient to come to the doctor’s chamber for getting the electromagnetic radiation and also make use of the thin plate of a metal or plastic.

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