Types of Orthodontic Emergencies

Getting braces or any orthodontic work done means you are likely to visit your orthodontist once in a while for follow-ups. But what happens when you encounter an emergency? How do you define which incident requires urgent care, and how do you handle your emergency? Below we discuss types of orthodontic emergencies to be on the lookout for and the aftercare practices for each.

Extreme Pain or Infections

If you experience severe pain that does not subside after medication, chances are you need urgent care from your emergency orthodontics Denver experts. Extreme pain may also be accompanied by trouble talking, eating, and a swollen face. The above could be caused by improperly fitted braces, an issue that a professional can help solve. Swollen gums could also indicate infections, another problem that requires dental experts to treat the underlying problems.

Loose Brackets

If you regularly consume hard or sticky foods that your orthodontist would not recommend, this will likely leave you with loose brackets. If you notice any brace attachments spinning loosely around the archwire, make it a point to consult your orthodontist. If you also play with objects such as pencils in your mouth, you are likely to loosen and pop off your brackets, causing inefficiencies in your braces. To avoid any further damage before your consultation, ensure that you refrain from playing around with the loose bracket.

Swallowed Braces Appliances

While braces are designed to offer long-term solutions for patients, pieces of these appliances may occasionally break off due to improper dental practices or injuries. If this happens, you may notice missing parts in your braces. This may end up getting stuck in your mouth or throat, causing discomfort during breathing. Such a problem will need a proper examination by your orthodontist, failure of which could result in serious health concerns.

If you are breathing without any difficulty but still have broken off braces, the missing pieces may be in your digestive system. While this means that the appliances will slowly be passed out of your system, it is still worth getting the proper medical care. Your dental expert will come in handy in helping you get a replacement for your missing pieces while ensuring that you are out of any emergency.

Traumatic Injuries

Accidents can happen anytime, whether you are on the road or having a good time playing sports with your friends. Unfortunately, your face will be the first point of concern when emergencies arise, with this area often facing the most significant impact when they happen. If you have braces, these may come loose, with some instances leading to injuries that require immediate attention. Your orthodontist can help with such emergencies, helping you get the proper care based on the extent of injuries. This can include replacing damaged braces or treating the injuries with the appropriate medication.

If you experience any of the above emergencies, consider reaching out to your orthodontist. While some instances, such as loose brackets, do not warrant urgent attention, others, such as fatal injuries, will require immediate care. It also pays to be prepared for emergencies, with the above guide coming in handy in helping you solve the matter at hand.

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