A high protein hit without calories!

high proteinAthletes and those who strive to attain and maintain a body to be proud of are constantly seeking foods which will provide optimum nutrition with minimum calories.

Eggs are a basic part of nutrition and are absolutely jam-packed with vitamins A, B2, B12 and D, iodine, selenium and protein, as well as trace elements and essential minerals. They also contain fat which is present in the yolk, so if calories or cholesterol levels have to be watched many people simply prefer to eat the white.

The effects of the aging process
One of the many downsides of aging is the deterioration of lean muscle in the body. This is of special concern to bodybuilders and athletes who rely on muscular strength for their optimum performance levels.

For the older population, less lean muscle means decreased movement and tiredness. Increasing protein intake in the form of eating egg whites is beneficial and positive results have been reported where it has been tried.

To help maintain lean muscle mass it is important to eat a diet high in protein and it is here egg whites fit the bill. Each white has 17 calories, no fat and a fantastic 3.6 grams of that important protein. And egg whites are far healthier than turning to meat proteins which come with the added concern of saturated fat.

Superfood egg white

Egg whites are available in two forms, liquid and powdered. The energy from a liquid egg white is available to the body for a good four hours after it has been consumed in contrast to the two to three hours found with powdered egg white. For simple bioavailability the liquid egg white is the best choice.

It seems that egg whites have it all because according to a Red Orbit news article they also help lower blood pressure in those suffering from hypertension. A study has revealed there is a peptide found only in the white of the egg which acts in a similar way to blood pressure lowering drugs.

Eating whole eggs a couple of times a week are not going to bring about any harm, but keeping an eye on the fat and calorie content of everyday meals is important. A whole egg, depending upon size, is worth about 70 calories and is perhaps the most versatile food in the store cupboard as there are so many ways to cook it.

Convenience is the order of the day for many people and fiddling about separating the egg yolk from the white can be very messy and off-putting. Buying them in bulk from sources such as proteinfoodsdirect eliminates all the drudgery and makes life a whole lot easier.

Egg whites obtained in this manner have been thoroughly pasteurised and are therefore free from any bacteria. They also have no odour or taste and so can be included in other dishes or shakes.

Keeping lean muscle tissue healthy and in good working order is an important issue for everyone regardless of age or fitness level. Making liquid egg white part of the daily diet will certainly give visible benefits in a short space of time and is something we should all consider now.

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