Diet Rules For Weight Gain

A common rule in the diet rules for weight gain is to eat three large meals a day. If you’re having trouble gaining weight, you can split your meals into five to six smaller meals. Besides, it’s not healthy to eat so much at one time. Then, you’ll be more likely to binge on food and gain weight. So, the next time you’re starving, skip the late night meal and stick to the rules of the 80/20 rule.

For lunch and dinner, teens should eat three cups of calcium-rich food each day. This includes yogurt and milk. For dessert, blueberry pancakes for breakfast sneak in the fruit. A sliced chicken breast on a whole-wheat roll with lettuce and nonfat yogurt is a healthy meal. For lunch, a low-fat stew with mixed greens and whole-wheat bread is another healthy meal for youth.

While skipping meals won’t help you lose weight, it will leave your child without the nutrients they need. For breakfast, you can eat three 1-cup portions of dairy, nuts, and fish. For lunch and dinner, try to include at least one cup of lean meat and two ounces of low-fat cheese. You can also include a serving of lean protein, such as turkey, chicken, and fish, along with a variety of vegetables and fruit.

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