Everything you need to know concerning low libido

Did you know that by the time you attain the age of forty, the level of your hormones usually had dropped by half that you had when you were in your twenties? The answer is yes because as you age, your body reduces the production of sex hormones gradually. As a result, during this stage, you do not have much to contribute to your relationship because you might be trying to make your relationship work. Still, the reduced hormone levels lower your libido. Reduced hormone levels lower your libido and affect your mood, among other effects of reduced hormonal production in the body. However, a treatment option is usually available to help balance your sex hormones, thus helping you regain your sexual drive. Among the treatment options available is a bioidentical hormone. Therefore, Plano The Riegel Center specialists provide a solution to all your concerns if you have low libido or sexual drive and are interested in boosting it using synthetic hormones. Below is all you need to know concerning low libido.

What causes low libido in women?

Usually, various factors result in low libido in women, such as medication, mental health problems, chronic pain, relation concerns, existing or underlying conditions, and drug abuse. However, the main cause of low libido in women is the depletion of sex hormones during menopause or perimenopause. Examples of these hormones include testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone which normally influence libido in women. The three hormones’ production level usually reduces as you age and becomes extremely low after menopause.

Reduced hormonal levels reduce your sexual desire together with reduced vaginal sensation, vaginal dryness, and other uncomfortable concerns such as poor energy, weight gain, depression, hot flashes, and night sweats, among others.

What causes low libido in men?

Men also experience low libido secondary to chronic illness or pain like women. But typically, the main reason for low libido in men is caused by reduced testosterone levels in the body. Even though both men and women got testosterone, it is essential in men because it is the only sex hormone they got. Usually, the testosterone levels are at their peak during teenagehood but gradually decrease as you advance in age, lowering your libido.

Men experiencing low libido usually have concerns like erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a condition that makes most men feel frustrated and hopeless, which further lowers their libido. Reduced hormone production in men also causes weight gain, low energy, depression, and poor sleep, among other serious problems.

What is the best treatment for low libido available?

Since low libido is caused by reduced sex hormones in the body, the treatment for this condition is hormone replacement therapy. In most cases, bioidentical hormones are used because they are just like your natural hormones. Hormone replacement therapy not only restores your sexual drive but also improves your mood, helps maintain weight, more energy, and enough rest while sleeping.

Low libido can affect your intimate relationship with your partner because you lack the desire for sex. Therefore, if you have concerns with your sexual drive or urge and seek treatment, you can start by calling The Riegel Center today.

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