Get Your Drink On

Even before the nationwide push to hydrate, I’ve always liked water. I was just never really a soft drinks person- can’t say that I’ve ever really like the bubbles… which is why mineral water was originally a hard to sell to me. I like my water at room temperature. But one of my siblings is somewhat of a fitness fan and always provides mineral water at family gatherings. She provided me her quick ‘why’, and here’s what I discovered out with a little more research. (It has quite a list of benefits, so I’ll adhere to my personal ones).

1. Weight Loss

Well, sort of. You can lower your calorie consumption by simply removing the extra, and usually empty calories that come with beverages. This is a big plus for those people that enjoy the carbonation, finding it difficult to consume flat or ‘still’ water. But read on-

2. Enhances digestion

It’s an excellent resource of sulfates which enhance digestive function. Sulfates activate the pancreas and so launch more of what the body needs to more successfully and perfectly digest food. I assume that’s an old key that the French and Italians know. Two of my favorite waters come from Italy and France – I’m sure you can think which ones!

3. Decreases blood pressure and LDL (bad cholesterol)

Now this is a big one for me as high levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol levels run in my family members. I’m thrilled to know that standard mineral water is proven to lower the bad cholesterol levels. The best part is, you can start to see a difference by consuming just one 8-ounce glass per day. Personally, I like to have the option to drink mineral water wherever I am which is why I’ve invested in some custom nalgene bottles for me and my family.

4. Helps control bone loss

For those women that are post-menopausal, this is a big advantage. Due to the level of calcium found in mineral water, it plays a role in the crucial maintenance of bone strength and density to help avoid weak bones. So if you’re post-menopausal you definitely want to drink more water.

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