How THC Edibles Can Help You Sleep Better and Wake Up Refreshed

THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) can help regulate the endocannabinoid system, which plays a role in sleep cycles.

However, it can take up to two hours for the effects of an edible to be felt and absorbed into your system, Stolbach says.

They’re Safe

If you’re struggling with insomnia, one of the benefits of THC edibles is that they can be an excellent option for helping you sleep better and wake up refreshed. But they can also be intimidating, so knowing what to expect is important before diving into them.

If it’s your first time taking edibles, it’s best to start with a small dose and work up to the amount that produces the desired effect. This will help you avoid any unpleasant side effects and ensure that you can safely use edibles for sleep.

Some THC edibles contain terpenes, which can have an additional calming effect, especially when combined with THC. The terpenes in these products may vary, so it’s a good idea to try various options before deciding on the right one.

Another thing to keep in mind is that most edibles take a few hours to kick in. This is because THC is a fat-soluble drug that dissolves in fats before absorption by the body.

To minimize your risk of overdosing, you’ll want to take the edible at least 30 minutes before you go to bed and give it plenty of time to kick in fully. Some people may need up to two hours before they experience their full effect, so it’s important to plan accordingly.

Once you’ve had your edible, it’s a good idea to take a shower or some other activity to help your body get rid of the THC and begin to restore your natural sleep cycle. This will make it easier for you to fall asleep faster and sleep deeper.

They’re Delicious

Insomnia is a common problem in many of us, and cannabis can greatly help. THC and CBD have been shown to improve sleep quality in various ways.

One of the easiest ways to take THC before bed is to ingest an edible, such as a gummy or tincture. This method works because the body’s natural endocannabinoid system can easily process these compounds.

However, consuming THC before bed can have some unexpected side effects. This can include next-day grogginess if you consume a high-THC strain, dry mouth, and an increased appetite.

Edibles are available in various flavors, so you’ll find something that appeals to your taste buds. You can even make your edibles at home.

These sweet, fruity gummies are a great choice for people looking to relax and unwind before going to sleep. They’re made with real, organic fruit and infused with THC and CBD.

When choosing a THC-infused product for sleeping, it’s important to choose a strain with both THC and CBD, which can help you get the sedating effects of cannabis without the psychoactive high. You’ll want to consider a strain with myrcene for its sedating effect and look for terpenes like limonene and linalool, which may help you fall asleep more quickly.

They’re Long-Lasting

There’s a lot of buzz around THC edibles for sleep because they can help you feel more relaxed and calm while you sleep, meaning you can wake up feeling refreshed. Those are both good feelings for anyone who needs a good night’s rest, and it’s no surprise that these delicious candies and gummies can be an excellent choice for people with insomnia and other sleep problems.

THC and CBD work together to promote sleep by activating our bodies’ endocannabinoid system (ECS), which helps regulate functions like appetite, pain, stress, and mood. These cannabinoids bind to the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain to activate the adenosine system, which increases sleep-promoting adenosine and decreases the brain’s arousal system.

Taking an edible before bed can be a great way to get an early start on the sleep cycle, but it’s important to know that they take a while to work. That’s because they need to be digested before they can directly impact your body.

You can also consider products that combine THC and CBD in one gummy or edible, as they may be more effective than just consuming THC alone. This is because terpenes and CBN can act as an additional sedative to THC, giving you even more benefits from cannabis.

They’re Easy to Take

Sleep is one of the most important processes in the human body, and if you can’t fall asleep or wake up refreshed, it can leave you feeling tired and irritable. Fortunately, many effective alternatives can help you get a good night’s rest and wake up feeling ready to take on the day.

When used on a short-term basis, cannabis can be very helpful in promoting healthy sleeping habits and improving sleep quality. In particular, THC can increase your time in deep sleep and reduce the time spent in REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. This can be especially beneficial for those who struggle to fall asleep, experience frequent nightmares, or suffer insomnia.

However, it’s important to note that THC can cause unwanted long-term side effects. These include impaired memory, grogginess the day after consumption, and strange dreams.

To avoid these side effects, try consuming your edibles at least 30 minutes before you want to go to bed. It may take up to two hours for your body to absorb the active ingredients and feel the full effects.

Another thing to remember is that it can be easy to overdose on edibles. Some people try to ingest too much to achieve a high, leading to unwanted side effects the next day.

This is particularly true if you use an edible with high THC levels. This can lead to next-day grogginess, dry mouth, and increased appetite.

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