Incorporate More Raw Foods Into Your Diet

Not everyone wants to be a full raw vegetarian. However, even adding in more vegetables and fruits into your diet can create awesome changes, such as weight-loss and increased energy. Here are some tips to add more raw foods into your life on a regular basis.

1) Create a raw food rule such as having a raw breakfast each day. You can do a green shake of bananas, coconut water or water, or spinach or kale. This can help you to reduce weight naturally. It’s simple, will quickly boost your energy for the day, and set you off on the right foot. You can also just get some fruits and veggies, peel it, and eat it. Fruit is the ultimate fast food and very portable. Most people aren’t too hungry at the morning meal and eat alone. This would be the best meal to eat your raw.Make sure you eat enough though. Two apples is only 200 calories and won’t cut it. You’ll be starving by lunchtime and overeat. This will lead to a slow metabolism and excess body weight. Eat at least 500 calories for morning meal and get used to the change.

2) Package raw foods such as fruits and veggies, nuts and dry fruits with you on the go, so you can always have a proper and balanced choice. What’s really annoying is if you want to eat something healthier, but don’t have any choices. That’s a major bummer. Our community is so out of touch with how to eat properly. There are often not many healthier raw choices available when you are eating on the go. It’s no wonder we have an obesity outbreak and 1 out of 2 people in America die of cardiovascular disease. It always helps to bring some raw healthy choices with you so you can always be prepared.

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