Primary Care and what it involves

Your body comprises complex systems and organs that work simultaneously to ensure you have proper health and keep the body’s functionality in order. This makes your body prone to multiple illnesses or conditions that inhibit its functionality. Your immune system deals with most body ailments, but others require specialized help from a medical professional. Primary care is suitable for dealing with most common conditions. All Health Medical Group is an example of a facility renowned for primary care. More about what is involved in primary care is discussed below.

What is Primary Care?

This is usually the first step in healthcare through accessible provision by clinicians responsible for dealing with personalized health care needs through sustained relationships and doing it with the community and families in mind.

Primary care is comprised of various healthcare services. One section involves wellness and prevention. Your primary doctor may do the following to keep you healthy and free from illnesses:

·         Perform vaccinations to prevent you from getting an illness

·         Go through your medical history to identify various risk factors

·         Coach you on lifestyle changes that inhibit the occurrence of future diseases

·         Do screenings for early detection of health issues

Another sector of primary care is acute healthcare. This involves injuries or issues that appear out of nowhere and may not have long-term effects on your healthcare. An instance of acute healthcare is a bothersome cough or an ankle twist.

Primary care providers can also manage chronic long-term issues like asthma or diabetes. They can regularly look after your condition over an extended period while tracking any changes to know when to recommend a specialist.

Primary care providers also know about the factors in your community that affect your health, such as a local spreading ailment in your area and its progress in terms of confirmed cases.


This healthcare system involves the provision of services on a personal level. Its providers are the primary source of healthcare in the community. Primary care is made to:

·         Lower your costs

·         Offer better access to healthcare

·         Improve your health outcomes

Primary healthcare is considered by most to be a better substitute for emergency room visits due to its decreased time consumption and cheapness when treating acute, basic injuries or ailments.

Types of Primary Care Providers

These providers are of various kinds in the healthcare profession. Some of them include:

·         Internists

These are physicians of internal medicine trained to identify, prevent, and treat health issues for adults of all ages, excluding children

·         Family Physicians

These are family doctors with training in diagnosing, preventing, and treating issues in patients of all ages, including older adults and children.

·         Geriatricians

These physicians have a specialty in focusing on treatment for older adults. They can integrate care for multiple conditions or provide care for a particular age-related ailment.

·         Pediatricians

These physicians deal with diseases affecting children, babies, and teenagers until the age of twenty-one.

The complex systems of your body have many needs that require one physician to know about them all to deal with them in relation to each other by a primary care doctor. More about what a primary care doctor does can be found on our website or via a call to our Hackensack, NJ offices.

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