Signs Your Loved One May Need to Visit a Sober House

Substance abuse is something that impacts thousands and thousands of families in the country. With the opioid crisis reaching all new levels seemingly every day, more families than ever are looking for solutions to help their loved ones. However, it may always be obvious that your loved one needs to visit transitional housing in Maryland . This article will help you determine whether the signs that you see are related to substance abuse or not.

1. Red-Rimmed Eyes

One of the physical signs that you might be able to notice is a redness either around their eyes or bloodshot eyes themselves. This is perhaps most prevalent after they have used the drug. Sometimes, it is possible that redness is a sign of withdrawal as well. In addition to discoloration around or of the eye, you may also notice that their pupils are dilated. This is a sure sign that they are currently under the influence of some substance.

2. Withdrawal From Company

Another aspect that you may notice that might be a sign of substance abuse is if they steadily withdrawal from family and friends. Perhaps they’re hanging around people who are known drug users. Perhaps they’re becoming more and more late to social engagements. That’s if they show up to those engagements at all. If you notice that your loved one is making excuses not to go to social events, then it may be because they are using the time to get high instead. Keep track of who they do hang out with and how they’re spending their time alone.

3. Sudden Increase Or Decrease In Energy

One final sign that they may be suffering from substance abuse is rapid changes in their energy levels. Following the use of a certain drug, they may be more energetic or lethargic. You can keep track of their energy and compare them to how they should be given the time and activity level.

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