The Benefits of Medical Imaging

When you go see your general practitioner, he or she may order medical imaging to help figure out what ails you. By getting a picture of what is going on internally, your physician can more accurately assess your condition. Imaging helps doctors diagnose, treat and monitor how you are responding to treatments. 


There are many different health problems that can be detected with advanced imaging Toms River NJ. If you hurt your knee, for example, the technician may start with an X-ray or may go right to an MRI for a detailed image that reveals damage not only to the bone but to ligaments, cartilage or tendons around it. Many cancer screenings are done with imaging technology. It’s a non-invasive way to see what is happening beneath the surface of your skin.


With medical imaging, doctors can devise more precise treatment plans. When patients are experiencing heart problems or strokes, the images can reveal exactly where and how large the blood clots are. Being able to highlight problem areas eliminates the need for a lot of exploratory surgeries. A treatment plan can be made more quickly, which means said treatment can start more quickly. Reducing the number of surgeries a patient has to undergo also decreases hospitalization time and the hospital bill.


Imaging is not only useful at the beginning of the treatment process. It can be used throughout the process to let doctors know how well the treatment is working. The results of an MRI or CT scan can show whether a patient needs to be admitted to the intensive care unit, kept for observation or released to recover at home. 

Technological advances in the medical field help doctors better serve their patients. With the help of medical imaging, they can make more accurate diagnoses, plan more effective treatment and ensure that treatment is working for the patient.

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