Tips for a Faster Recovery after Vaginal Rejuvenation

It is possible to feel more confident about your “down there” appearance after undergoing various vaginal rejuvenation operations, from labiaplasty to vaginoplasty. Sometimes a problem that has made you self-conscious for years might be remedied with vaginal rejuvenation. You will need to give yourself time to heal following Cypress vaginal rejuvenation, just as with any other cosmetic procedure. Recovery time is variable and may take anywhere from one to two weeks initially, with more extensive care requiring as much as a month.

You can do a few things to make the healing process easier on yourself and assist in guaranteeing that the effects you get are long-lasting. Here are some pointers for a quick and painless recovery after vaginal rejuvenation.

Avoid sexual intercourse

The vagina has muscle fibers and a mucous membrane, similar to the inside of your mouth. With age, it, like any orifice, might get looser. Enhancing the pleasure of a sexual encounter is made more accessible by vaginal tightening procedures. Not to add that your vaginal wall usually snaps back into place when you are younger. Vaginal elastic fibers can accomplish this because of the significant levels of collagen and elastin produced by your body while young, but this may be different as you age.

After the therapy, you may continue your routine, but you should wait a few days before having any sexual relations. Following a procedure, let your body have time to rest and repair. Consider foreplay and sexual intercourse as a reward if you are feeling flirtatious at this time (after a few weeks).

Take time off from work

The amount of time you will need to take off from work after vaginal rejuvenation varies depending on the surgeries you underwent. A day or two after labiaplasty, you may be able to go back to work. In most cases, women who have undergone vaginoplasty require a week off from work.

If your job and finances permit it, it may be good to take more time off than you anticipate needing. A couple of extra recovery days after labiaplasty may make you feel better than returning to work the day after the procedure.

Keep the surgical site clean

During your recovery from vaginal rejuvenation, it is critical to keep your surgical site clean. Before and after touching your genital region, wash your hands thoroughly. Avoid contaminating your vagina by wiping it from front to back when bathing your genital area.

Avoid heavy lifting

Vaginal surgery patients are tempted to pick up and hug their children or wash a small load of laundry in the days after the procedure, but it is not advisable. Lifting more than 10 pounds might place unnecessary strain on your pelvic floor, resulting in more significant pain and a poor surgical outcome.

A vaginal rejuvenation recovery takes a lot of hard work and dedication on your side. Before your operation, chat to your healthcare practitioner extensively about the healing process so that you may be as prepared as possible. It is essential to take each day as it comes and contact your surgical team if you have any questions or concerns while recuperating.

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