Top 6 Reasons for Pain in Your Right Side of Your Neck

You can experience neck pain due to a muscle strain or other benevolent reasons, which you can easily manage with medications and home remedies.  But when the pain is severe or prolonged, you ought to seek help from medical experts like the Memorial Area neck pain specialists. Your neck is a vital organ in your body exposed to several injuries since it constantly moves throughout the day. It is also connected to several body areas like the back, jaw, head, and shoulders. Therefore, pain in the neck could signify many causes. Let us see the main reasons.

Wear and Tear

Most joints in your body will wear and tear as you age. The discs and vertebrae in your neck will degenerate as you age, leading to chronic and persistent pain. Also, some conditions like arthritis, cervical fractures, pinched nerves, inflammation, and cervical degradation can make the discs, vertebrae, and other parts of your neck break down.

Poor Sleeping Postures

When you wake up experiencing pain or stiffness on your shoulders, neck, or back, it is probably due to your sleeping position. Also, the fairness of your mattress and the number of pillows you pile together could contribute to pain in your neck. You can also experience neck pain in the morning if you sleep without head or neck support which can cause misalignment and increase the chances of a sore neck.

Minor Sprain or Tear

Sometimes it is not easy to identify the exact cause of your neck pain. This type of pain mainly occurs due to a minor tear or sprain of your neck muscles. It primarily results from poor posture since holding your neck out of alignment for a while can strain the muscles. This is common if you spend your day bent forward over your work.

A Sudden Jolt

When your head moves forward and back very quickly, you can experience neck pain. You can develop a whim plash like in the case of a car accident, some sporting activities, or any other sudden movement. The movement happens like a crack of the whip.

Cervical Radiculopathy

Many people refer to cervical radiculopathy as a pinched nerve and are the situation where your nerves from the spinal cord to your neck are irritated. This causes pain that radiates down your arm. Although you experience neck pain, the primary symptoms of cervical radiculopathy are the feeling of needles and pins in the arm, pain or weakness in some parts of the arm, and numbness. The condition is mainly caused by neck arthritis, cervical spondylosis, and a prolapsed disc.

Rare Causes

There are also severe cases of neck pain, but they are very uncommon. Bone disorders, infections, damage to the vertebrae, nerves, spinal cord, serious injury, rheumatoid arthritis, and cancer are chronic and severe but less common causes of neck pain. It is better to seek an expert diagnosis for neck pain before assuming the reason to rule out this weighty cause.

Neck pain treatments depend on the cause. Get in touch with the neck pain experts at Expert Pain for accurate diagnosis and advice on the proper treatment for your situation. You can set up your consultation appointment online.

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