Understand Detoxification for Hair and Why Employers Conduct Drug Tests

You probably know that weed is legal for both recreational and medical use in some states in the USA. However, if you test positive on THC, your employer will have the ability to ban you from working at the company and even fire you if you repeat the conduct.

Since cannabis is legal both medicinally and recreationally, the laws tend to vary from state to state. However, it is still illegal under federal law. Therefore,when it is legal for people with chronic pain and illnesses, you will be able to use it for medicinal reasons as well.

If you wish to become a legal cannabis user, you will need a certified prescription or recommendation from a doctor and use it in the state in which you can. Therefore, in nine states, for now, cannabis can be used recreationally as well.

Even though you can consume it, employers will test you,and if you fail, you will be fired. In case of a hair drug test, you should consider hair follicle drug test shampoo on phenomenica.com, which is a website that will help you, find the best consideration possible.

Differences between Federal and State Drug Testing Laws

When it comes to federal laws, marijuana is still illegal, which means that employers can efficiently conduct and regulate drug abuse in specific industries. At the same time, they canperform a drug test as part of the hiring process.

On the other hand, for employers that are not regulated federally, they do not have legal requirements to conduct screenings. However, some local and state laws are also enforcing and controlling drug screenings in general.

Therefore, employers have the legal rights to maintain drug-free working environments,and they can quickly test employees and applications, but he has to inform them promptly and create drug-testing policies that will regulate everything such as pre-employment testing.

For instance, they can quickly condition you based on the results of a drug test on whether you will be hired or not. These policies have to be transparent in the job description, as well as stated in the written agreement that employees have to sign when they enter the firm.

Some employers tend to address the consumption of cannabis, while others are not. That is a selective and individual treat. If you wish to learn more on medicinal marijuana, you should check here for more information.

Cannabis Drug Testing Issues

The main problem with cannabis in general when it comes to both recreational and medicinal is whether it should be legal or not. The problem lies in the idea that marijuana and alcohol are detected differently during the testing process.

For instance, when you drink alcohol,and they test you, the idea is that you have to be currently intoxicated so that they can determine whether you have in the system or not.

On the other hand, you can smoke weed in free time when you are outside of the work and still fail the test during the working hours.

THC stays the longest in the bloodstream, urine,and especially hair, which means that if you fail it, it does not mean that you are currently impaired and intoxicated. Instead, the test will present the previous drug usage, which is not relevant to work hours.

Employers can also conduct on-the-spot tests through breathalyzer with an idea to determine the alcohol content as well as current impairment, which is happening. That will allow lawmakers to create regulations that will represent the legal limit of alcohol.

However, the technology that can check whether you are currently high or not is not available yet. Since there are no abilities to conduct on-the-spot testing, it is challenging to determine sound levels of THC. Therefore, if they find small traces, you will fail the test.

Cannabis and Workplace Discrimination

If you have a medical marijuana card and you are fired due to a positive drug test, you will be a victim of workplace discrimination. Without legal ability to test for current levels of THC in the specific time, it means that person that failed was high in his free time and outside of the work.

Similarly, as you can drink a glass of wine or two during dinner or while you are watching a game, you cannot smoke a joint because that will lead to failed drug test in the next ten days at least.

That is why laws want to reduce this particular type of discriminations by creating specific programs that will protect people that are using cannabis for specific medicinal reasons.

Visit this link: https://www.thebalancecareers.com/drug-and-alcohol-tests-for-employment-2060409 and you will learn about drug testing regulations.

On the other hand, when federal law is regulating the drug tests due to safety laws, it is legitimate to fire an employee that fails the test.

However, if the employer does not have a legitimate basis for firing, he has to carefully provide reasons and determine why you should stop working at his working place.

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