Watch Out for These Early Warning Arthritis Signs

Prevention for any health complication is the best cure. Additionally, it becomes easier to manage a condition when it is in its early stages of development. Arthritis is a common condition, and being on the watch for early symptoms can help you take action early and improve the effectiveness of your treatment. You should reach out to the experts like the Arlington Arthritis specialists anytime you have suspicious symptoms. Arthritis can occur at any of the joints in your body and may cause numerous symptoms. But here, we look at some early symptoms of arthritis you can detect and seek early treatment.

Joint Pain

This is one of the most prevalent symptoms of arthritis. Anytime you experience pain in your joint, and do not recall a physical injury, have your doctor examine you. Although sometimes pain may not occur until your arthritis is advanced, it indicates that something is not well. Also, some types of arthritis, like rheumatoid arthritis, can cause a low-grade fever, and when this accompanies the pain, it becomes an early sign of arthritis. Therefore, pay attention to any painful joint and talk to an arthritis specialist to rule out arthritis as the cause of the pain.

Joint Stiffness

If you experience joint stiffness in the morning, this could be an early warning sign of arthritis. Pay attention to your morning symptoms and record them so you can give your doctor accurate information to help understand the type of arthritis you have. For osteoarthritis, the stiffness will last for about a few minutes but can last for hours every time it occurs when you have rheumatoid arthritis.

Swollen Joints

Swelling in your joints can come due to many factors like a physical injury. It could also indicate that your arthritis is worsening, and you should never expect it to go away on its own. Please seek an expert diagnosis when you notice your joints are swelling. Watch out for warmness in your joints, especially when you notice they are noticeably larger than usual. Note that the swelling may occasionally occur, at first lasting for several days, but worsen over time. You can experience frequent swelling that makes it difficult to move. Report to your doctor immediately if you are having trouble moving your joints.

Numbness and Tingling

Arthritis can inflame your joints, putting pressure on your nerves. This might cause tingling or numbing sensations around the joint. Therefore, watch out for such symptoms in your joint to seek medical intervention as soon as possible. Also, you might experience a burning sensation that radiates to other parts of your body and worsens when you move your joint. Pay attention to your experiences when you move your joints and report anything unusual to your doctor as soon as possible to diagnose or rule out arthritis.


Although this is not an obvious sign of arthritis since other multiple conditions could cause it, it could prompt you to diagnose arthritis. It can occur even before other signs of arthritis occur, where you might feel unusually tired as your joints are wearing down. The fatigue can initially last for a few days but progress to longer periods over time.

Catching arthritis early can help you manage the condition more effectively and prevent adverse effects. Reach out to the arthritis specialist at Interventional Pain and Regenerative Medicine today if you have any suspicious signs for an accurate diagnosis. You can also book an online appointment. 

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