What You Should Know About Sport Injuries 

Although you can get injuries when doing your daily activities, sportspeople are more at risk of getting injured. For instance, if you play a dangerous sport because it involves numerous tackles and collisions, your chances of playing a single game without an injury are slim. When sportspeople get injured, they suffer not only physically but also psychologically. If you cannot wait to get back to playing your favorite sport after injury, reach out to the Westfield sports injuries treatment center. Read on to explore the various sports injuries. 

Most Prevalent Sport Injuries

If you actively participate in any of the games, injuries might affect any body parts, the ankle, elbow, Achilles tendon, head, knee, or shoulder. If any of the following parts get injured, it can cause the following;

  • Fracture

A fracture occurs after forceful and sudden pressure on the bone after a collision or fall. A bone fracture can occur in any part of your body resulting in excruciating pain. 

  • Cartilage tear 

Cartilage protects the end of some bones and, if overstretched, can tear. You might experience a cartilage tear in your knee or shoulder joints. 

  • Concussion 

After you get a blow to your head, you can suffer a brain injury known as a concussion. 

  • Dislocation 

You will experience a dislocation if the end of a bone moves out of its normal position in a joint. The bone can pop out of its socket after a forceful impact. 

  • Tendinitis 

If the tissues connecting your muscles and bones get swollen or inflamed, you will suffer tendinitis. 

·         Sprains and Strains 

A sprain occurs after the ligament is overstretched too much or tears, prevalent in the wrists, ankles, and knee. On the other hand, a strain affects your muscles by causing them to overstretch and even tear. You are likely to experience a strain in your hamstring, back, or abdomen. 

What To Expect During Treatment

You will visit a facility that specializes in sport-related injuries. You will explain to the doctor how you got injured and feel about the affected part. The doctor will then evaluate your injury physically and then recommend some tests. Depending on the severity of your injury, the doctor will recommend the following tests, X-ray, CT scan, or MRI. The doctor will analyze your injury and recommend the best treatment. 

Treatment Options

To reduce swelling and pain, the doctor can recommend an epidural injection. To promote the regeneration of damaged cells and tissues, the doctor will recommend you undergo platelet-rich plasma injections and stem cells injections. Other treatment options include radiofrequency ablation, which will help eliminate pain by destroying nerves that transmit pain signals using heat. Additionally, you can get facet joint injections or trigger point injections to relieve pain. If you have a concussion, worry not because the doctor will offer concussion management treatments. Further, you can get physical therapy if you do not have severe sports injuries. 

Whether you experience a sprain or a fracture, any sports injury can affect your ability to play that game, which is your passion or career. Genesis Orthopedic and Spine clinic is a facility that treats and manages sports injuries. The facility uses state-of-the-art technology in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries. Call or book an appointment online for the best treatment of any sports injury. 

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