Why an Employer Wants You to Complete a Drug Screening

Drug screenings are mainly used for workplace employees. Many companies have policies against the use of drugs, and screenings allow them to make sure potential employees are clean before hiring. They can also be used periodically to test current employees to ensure all policies are still being met. Here are some of the top reasons an employer may ask you to complete a drug screening.

Eliminating Potential Liabilities and Safety Concerns

Some jobs require working around hazardous equipment or completing tasks that need a person’s full mental capacity. Someone who is taking a drug may not be fully functioning and therefore incapable of carrying out tasks properly and with necessary safety measures. These employees could become a liability to the company in cases where they are injured on the job because of their incompetence under the drug’s influence.

Weeding out People Who Aren’t Serious

A drug screening can also tell a company how serious potential employees are about the job. If they don’t care much for it, they may be more easily deterred by a drug screening or the possibility of random drug testing. On the other hand, a person who truly wants the position may be more willing to reconsider his or her drug habits if keeping the position means random testing. If an employer wants you to take a drug test, finding one near you can be as simple as googling drug screening Houston.

Discouraging Drug Use Among Employees

Drug use can affect people’s personal and professional lives in detrimental ways, and having drug screenings can deter employees from using drugs. Random drug screenings can also determine the more responsible employees that a company wants to keep. This is a two-way street, as it gives an employee the opportunity to further show their personal accountability and commitment.

Don’t let drug screenings discourage your hopes of landing your dream job. There is plenty of help available for drug reform that can get you back on your feet and into a successful workplace.  

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