7 Tips to Accelerate Recovery after Foot and Ankle Surgery

Imagine going for exercise as usual, but unfortunately, you injure your foot or ankle. Such an experience may be devastating if you hesitate to seek medical attention. Fractures and injuries come with mild or severe pain that may interfere with your daily activities. If you need treatment, foot & ankle surgery Mill Creek, WA will get you back to your feet. After the surgery, you will need to take sufficient care to speed up your recovery. This  article highlights tips to accelerate recovery after foot and ankle surgery.

1.      Consume Healthy Meal

Even if you have foot or ankle injuries, it does not mean you should consume ice cream and potato chips. Such diets may prevent you from burning more calories after surgery; therefore, proper nutrition can be crucial in stimulating faster recovery through essential vitamins and minerals.

2.      Ensure Your Ankle Is Isolated

Isolating your foot and ankle in integral facilitates faster recovery and reduces pain levels. For example, crutches are a popular answer for getting around, although you are prone to bumping your ankle while moving. One of the ways you should try is to use a knee walker that prevents your ankle vulnerability.

3.      Reduce Weight Bearing

Based on your surgery, your doctor may limit your foot’s weight for some time. Ensure you follow your doctor’s prescription about weight bearing but also try using a walker to reduce pressure off your injured foot.

4.      Rest

Rest plays a crucial role in your recovery, but you should avoid overdoing it. Reduced mobility may be a rigid routine to follow at first, but you should listen to your doctor and foot. You should not be ashamed of resting because you stay away from complications that occur after undergoing surgery.

5.      Concentrate On Your Mental Health

In most cases, numerous active people experience difficulty dealing with declined mobility after an operation. You may be frustrated and depressed mentally when you cannot engage in your daily routine. However, you should take some time to relax and challenge yourself mentally through strategies such as meditation and crossword puzzles.

6.      Adhere To Physical Therapy Guidelines

Your foot or ankle stays weakened after surgery, meaning you will need to rebuild strength through hard work. Once your doctor allows you to undertake physical therapy exercises and bear weight, you should try some exercises from an online source to aid your rehabilitation.

7.      Elevate

If you need to avoid pain and swelling, you should consider practicing elevation. Try elevating your foot above your hip because this helps remove blood, reducing pressure and pain. Besides, you can opt to use ice packs for around 20 minutes on and off simultaneously.

Without appropriate measures and lifestyle, the healing process of your injured foot or ankle may be lengthy. You should thus take important strategies to stimulate efficient recovery. To know more about how to speed recovery, consider visiting Hansen Foot & Ankle in Mill Creek, Washington. Dr. Hansen and his team are determined to find the causes of your foot or ankle complications. You can call the institution’s office or book online for more information and consultation.

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