Does Concierge Medicine Help Prevent Diseases?

Philadelphia concierge medicine enables your physicians to devote their primary concern and attention to disease prevention and better health and wellness to optimal levels. While there are many benefits to concierge medicine, such as same-day visits and on-site specialist care, the focus on preventive care is extremely important. Chronic diseases are the top causes of death and disability in developed countries. The World Health Organization reports that nearly 80% of chronic diseases are preventable. This is why disease prevention and a personal doctor you can rely on are more important than ever.

Benefits of concierge medicine for a healthy individual

Why should you go the extra mile and pay for concierge medicine as a healthy person? Of course, only the individual can answer that, but here are four advantages of concierge medicine for healthy people.

1.      Understand your risks

You can go over your family and health records in greater detail with your concierge physician. You might be in good health right now, but your family history determines your risk factors. Most concierge medical practices provide more advanced physicals and health screenings than traditional primary care practices. You may believe you are entirely healthy, but special tests may reveal otherwise. Concierge doctors are skilled in these more advanced screenings and medicine and assist you in understanding the big picture of your health.

2.      Long-term prevention for maintaining good health

Concierge physicians spend more time with each patient as they see fewer patients than traditional primary care doctors. Most concierge providers provide appointments lasting at least 30 minutes and physicals that go above and beyond the standard annual physical. This allows you to discuss what is bothering you at the time and your long-term goals. There are things you can do right now while you are still healthy to help you meet your goals later on. With a concierge physician, you will have the time to build a long-term health plan.

3.      Medical care is available when needed

When you have to plan three weeks and expect a 30-minute wait in the lobby and a 15-minute delay in the exam room, fitting a doctor’s visit into your routine can be extremely difficult. Because you have access to a concierge doctor, you can receive efficient care without the hassle of fitting it into your schedule. When you have a concierge doctor, you don’t have to waste time going to the doctor’s office.

4.      Better-informed care for your whole family

Selecting the same concierge doctor for your entire family, regardless of your family situation, allows for effective care in your life. Whether it is your children, parents, or spouse, you only need to call one number and keep your health records in one place. And when you call, your doctor will be able to recognize you and your family. They will be acquainted with your family’s lifestyle, goals, and history. So, whether you are instantly dealing with the flu, allergies, a skin rash, or something more severe, having a concierge doctor can be a huge help when it comes to managing a family.

Concierge medicine is healthcare provided on your terms and at your convenience. Call Corrielus Cardiology or book a meeting for more information.

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