The 3 Interesting Girls’ Night Ideas You and Your Friends May Not Have Tried Yet

Maybe you and your girlfriends have a monthly tradition, or maybe you just get together when everyone can find the time in their busy schedules. Either way, girls’ night out is an important bonding activity that can not only bring you closer together with your girlfriends, but can help refresh you if you’ve been stressed out. If you feel like your last few meet-ups have been a little dry or repetitive, though, you might want to pull out one of these unique ideas next time.

1. Hit Up a Beauty-Focused Spa

Is there any venue more perfectly suited to a girls’ night out than the spa? The next time you and your pals hit the town, consider visiting a beauty-focused laser bar and spa Manhattan that can offer you a wide range of services. You can review the offerings before arriving and each girlfriend can get the exact service she wants, so you can all leave feeling relaxed, beautiful and glowing!

2. Take a Mixology or Cooking Class

Every girlfriend group has at least a few members who love their wine, so why not take your knowledge to the next level? If you and your friends are foodies, consider taking a mixology class or a healthy cooking class together. You’ll get to have fun and learn something at the same time!

3. Pull Together Impromptu Arts and Crafts

Scheduled your night out at the last minute? No problem! There’s no reason you can’t still engage your creative sides when you pull together some arts and crafts projects last-minute. With strings, beads, glitter and sequins, there’s no limit to the silly projects you can put together and laugh about.

Spending time with girlfriends is a relaxing reprieve from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, so the last thing you want is for girls’ night to fall into a boring rut. Rather than continuing with the same old routine, try some of these interesting night-out ideas. You and your friends are sure to find an idea you’ll love!

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