Travel Vaccination in Laval Demystified

Many people have various misconceptions, concerning travel vaccination clinics, such as 514 Vaccines, located in Laval. So here’s the reality check regarding three myths that are well known, in relation to vaccination to demonstrate that at 514 Vaccines, all that counts is your well-being.


Vaccines Are Bad for Health.

At the Laval travel clinic, we offer a vaccination service, as we know that vaccines are among the most important medical discoveries of mankind. Although side effects may include pain, fatigue, fever or allergies, vaccines can mostly avoid serious and fatal diseases such as polio, measles and meningitis. Doctors who make you believe that the vaccine caused autism and Alzheimer’s have been accused of scientific fraud and had their licenses suspended, in addition to having been challenged many times. Vaccines offered by the travel vaccination clinic in Laval, certainly do not weaken the immune systems of children, but rather, make them stronger.


I Do Not Need Vaccines

The only reason you would potentially not require a vaccine, in theory, would be if all other human beings had already acquired the vaccine, in order to prevent the disease from spreading. However, generally speaking, some individuals decide to refuse vaccines, which has led to the spreading of serious and deadly diseases, and although some have been eradicated in certain countries, they tend to resurface. We reserve the right to refuse a vaccine to a minority of people who are allergic or have a weak immune system. For all those for whom this does not apply, protect your children and those of others, by booking an appointment with your local travel immunization clinic in Montreal, and do your part to minimize worldwide suffering and illness.


Vaccines Can Cause Disease

A human can receive up to 10,000 vaccines, while receiving 14 requires only 0.1% of the immune system of a baby. If less than one in a million people experiences significant symptoms, they are caused by the immune response to the vaccine and not by the disease. The medical professionals at our travel vaccination clinic in Laval know that the risk of contracting the disease itself and dying are much greater. In all vaccines, the virus is attenuated, inactivated, subunit or conjugate, ensuring that it is impossible in most cases for the disease to be transmitted by a vaccine.
If you are looking for a travel vaccination clinic in Laval, 514 Vaccines is nearby and ensures that all safety measures have been taken into account and are geared towards maintaining your health. Learn more about our travel vaccination service and gain the reassurance you need. Contact us now for an appointment.

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