Has Your Dentist Suggested You Wear A Retainer? – Here Are 5 Questions You Should Ask

Are you nearing the end of your orthodontic therapy, gleaming with the gorgeous smile you have always wanted, and are now finding out that you will have to wear a retainer? Do not be concerned, there is simply nothing to worry about. Greenwich retainers will help you maintain the grin you have worked so hard to build over the years. Based on your unique oral concerns and lifestyle, the orthodontic specialists at Greenwich Dentistry will help you choose between removable and fixed retainers to ensure you enjoy optimal outcomes. Nevertheless, if you need clarification on certain aspects of your therapy, it is always wise to ask ahead of time. Read on to learn more.   

1)      Why Should You Get A Retainer?

There are several reasons you might need retainers after your braces are withdrawn. However, it primarily keeps your teeth from reverting to their previous locations. The bone and soft tissue in your jaw require time to acclimatize to your teeth’s new position, and consequently, your improved bite and retainers perform the ultimate task of providing that time.

2)      What Are The Consequences Of Not Wearing Retainers?

If you quit using your retainers against your dental specialist’s recommendation, you risk the reversal of your treatment outcomes. Therefore, unless your orthodontist suggests you cease wearing your retainer, always have them in your mouth to keep teeth from shifting into unfavorable positions.

3)      Should You Wear Your Retainer Forever?

While the length of time depends on the individual, you should look forward to wearing your retainers round the clock (except when brushing or eating) for not less than three months, up to a year. After this period, most persons wear retainers either during the day or night indefinitely. Remember, for as long as you wear your retainers, they are an investment in your lovely smile.

4)      How Should You Maintain Your Retainers?

Bacteria, tartar, and plaque can develop on your retainer in a similar fashion to your natural teeth. Furthermore, wearing a dirty retainer is like placing a layer of harmful bacteria directly on your teeth. Upholding a healthy dental care regimen through flossing and brushing, and mouthwash is the initial step in maintaining your retainer clean. Besides, ensure you regularly clean your retainers. For instance, if you have removable retainers, briefly soak them in a saline solution before brushing them softly.

5)      Are Retainers a Pain To Wear?

It might be a little irritating in the early days of wearing your retainer as your teeth and mouth try to adjust accordingly. However, this uncomfortable sensation gradually eases with time. Initially, you may observe heightened saliva production, causing speech difficulties. If you wish to adjust fast, try watching yourself in the mirror as you speak or read aloud. On the other hand, if you experience minor pains and aches in the first week or so of wearing your retainer, you should consult your orthodontist to determine if it is functioning right.

Nothing beats the confidence that comes with a healthy, beautiful smile. With retainers at Greenwich Dentistry, you can achieve just that and much more, including bite enhancement and enhanced general oral health. Nonetheless, remember that your dental specialist is a key resource in informing you of all you need to know about your oral health. Thus, ensure you raise all the concerns you might have during your consultations. Call the Greenwich, CT office or book an appointment online to get started.

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