Know about zoom whitening

Teeth are the most important part of our face that would add more beauty to your look. If you don’t have clear white teeth then it might spoil your appearance and your image where ever you go. Usually there might be number of reasons for your stained teeth whether it be smoking, tobacco stains which might turn your white teeth to yellow. Due to smoking or chewing it might damage your teeth and darken it several times darker than what it is. This might not be cleared by individuals and hence there comes the necessity of going for zoom whitening treatments which you can find at the professional dental clinics. Other things which may cause stains on your teeth might be foods and beverages.

Sometimes the dark colored foods might also stain your teeth. The icing which has been colored heavily also causes discoloration of your teeth. Coffee also causes staining of your teeth. You can find number of food products that can stain the teeth from natural white color to pale yellow or grey depending on the food that you partake regularly. The most powerful offender is the red wine which might cause serious stains on your teeth. Some might cause stains from within due to several reasons whether it be age, toot canal issue, decay or other diseases. Sometimes if the mother takes some antibiotics during pregnancy then it might even cause stains on baby’s teeth.

If you are facing with the discoloration of teeth, you need not worry as there are number of treatments available for you in the market with the help of which you can get the best and white teeth. Though there are number of whitening products or toothpastes available for you in the market these might not provide you with the results that you were looking for. So the best treatment which you can find for tooth stains is the whitening treatments which you can find at the dental doctors. There are number of dental doctors which you can find in the market and make sure to choose the best and reliable source which can help you in this regard.

Before you choose a particular source where you can find the right kind of treatment you need to make sure to find a reliable and genuine online source. This will help you in obtaining affordable services at the best price. Once you are able to find a reliable source the professional and well qualified doctors will be with you and will check your dental condition to know the root cause for your dental stains. This will help you to get rid of severe dental stains with the right kind of treatment from best dental services. However severe the stains may be you can find great results when you go for the dental doctors.

Once the doctors make you ready for the treatment by covering the lips and gums, he or she will apply the zoom whitening gel on the teeth. After this, they switch on the zoom advanced power chair side lamp. This will activate the hydrogen peroxide which is there in the zoom whitening gel and this will in turn break stain molecules available and making them apart. This treatment just acts on the stains and doesn’t reach or alter your teeth. The gel is placed on your teeth for 15 minutes and this procedure is repeated two more times so that you can get the perfect white teeth that you were looking for. Once the procedure is done a fluoride gel is applied on your teeth so as to reduce the sensitivity.

Then the doctor will give you a kit which you can take home and with the help of it you can maintain your whiter teeth easily and better. It is better to stay away from coffee and other foods which might stain your teeth again so that you can maintain your teeth well for a longer period of time. Maintaining oral hygiene also plays a very vital role in keeping your teeth healthy and white all the time. You can use whitening toothpaste as well for better maintenance of your teeth. You should even make sure to go for dental checkups on a regular basis.

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