What  Laser Hair Removal is all about

Unwanted hair can be so uncomfortable, with the endless task of getting rid of it equally as frustrating. Most men pay no attention to having unwanted hair all over. However, women who pride themselves on having smooth skin find it bothersome. There are several techniques for removing unwanted hair from your body. However, these methods may leave scars or even small pimples behind. The emergence of Katy laser hair removal practices has offered a much better, more technologically advanced hair removal method. Read further to know more about laser hair removal strategies.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a medical method that incorporates a concentrated light beam to get rid of unwanted hair. The laser emits light energy absorbed by the melanin in the hair. After that, the light energy is converted to heat energy, which is then used to destroy the hair follicles. This inhibits future hair growth.

Laser hair removal delays hair growth for long periods but does not permanently remove hair. Several continuous laser hair removal treatments are required for initial hair removal, with maintenance treatments being needed later. This treatment is most effective for people with dark hair and lighter skin but can be successfully done on all skin types.

When is Hair Removal done?

Laser hair removal is done to reduce unwanted hair from body parts like the armpits, legs, chin, upper lip, and bikini line. However, hair removal can be done on nearly any area of the body except the eyelids or surrounding areas. Tattooed skins should not be treated either.

The success of the hair removal procedure usually depends on the influence of skin type and hair color. Laser hair removal is based on the hair pigment absorbing the light, not the skin pigment. Therefore, the laser should only damage the hair follicle while avoiding skin damage. Contrasting skin and hair color thus leads to the best results.

Little contrast between hair and skin color increases the risk of skin damage, but laser technology advancements have made it possible for darker-skinned people to go through the operation. Hair colors such as red, blond, gray, and white have a much less effective laser hair removal process. However, laser treatment methods for light-colored hair continue to be developed.

There are risks that come with laser hair removal and include:

·         Pigment changes: The laser may permanently or temporarily lighten or darken areas around the affected skin.

·         Skin irritation: After laser hair removal, there is temporary swelling, redness, and discomfort. These symptoms usually go away after a few hours.

Preparation of hair laser removal is done through the doctor’s instructions that include:

·         Avoiding other hair removal methods

·         Staying out of the sun

·         Shaving treatment area

·         Skin lightening

·         Avoiding blood-thinning medications

There are a variety of laser hair removal devices, including home lasers. However, these home devices are much less effective than continuous hospital treatments. If you are experiencing unwanted hair growth that requires constant attention for removal, feel free to check out our website. You may be able to book a consultation with our offices in Katy, TX.

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