Are Oils Essential For Our Body

The driving factor behind the purchase and use of essential oils has been the natural medicinal properties of these oils giving a promise of relief from pain. From peppermint oil to lavender oil, the essential oil craze has brought many people to believe wholeheartedly in their healing properties. This begs the question, are essential oils really all they’re cracked up to be?

Pain Relief

For many of the population who are living with chronic pain, traditional migraine treatment Jacksonville FL doctors offer as well as treatment of infectious or chronic disease can come with unwelcome side effects. Essential oils such as peppermint and lavender have been touted by naturalists and holistic medical providers alike as remedies for headaches, migraines, and anxiety caused by traditional medical treatments. Since essential oils are created from actual plants that have historically been used for medicinal purposes, it stands to reason that the pain relief sought by chronic pain sufferers can be attributed to the oils they use, if even in part.


One element of essential oils that hasn’t yet been addressed is their dilution in various brands. While the relieving effect of these oils is considered to be anecdotal truth, there aren’t a lot of regulations on distribution of essential oils, so consumers might find their oils to be diluted with filler oils rather than in their purest form. This also creates a form of hierarchy among brand loyalists who supply the demand for expensive versions of essential oils that claim to be purer and stronger.

Overall, essential oils have a controversial yet believable hold on a large portion of the population whose medical needs have not been met by traditional Western medicine. Perhaps further study is needed to define and regulate usability for these oils for medicinal purposes, but as far as providing these certain calming benefits to those who actively believe in them, essential oils seem to be here to stay.

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