Benefits of Medically Supervised Weight Management Program?

A significant number of individuals struggle with weight problems. Weight puts your health at risk of complications, including high blood pressure or heart disease. Excessive weight may also affect your appearance and confidence levels. The problem is not even with losing weight but managing the weight loss. Luckily, weight management Lady Lake by specialist Kalpana Desai, MD, can help you maintain a healthy weight and live a happy life. Let’s look at how you can manage a healthy weight and maintain your overall health.

What are the benefits of weight management?

 Obesity or excessive weight is harmful to your health. It elevates your chances of having health complications, including the following;

·         Breathing problems

·         High blood sugar

·         Gallstones

·         High cholesterol

·         Hypertension

·         Obstructive sleep apnea

You are also likely to develop heart disease, some cancer types, arthritis, and more. Obesity may also make you feel bad about yourself, affecting your happiness and overall wellness.

Your provider at Integrated Medical Center offers a customized weight management plan to improve your overall health and lower your risk of diseases.

How does weight management work?

Your provider offers medically supervised weight-loss programs to enhance your weight by rebooting the body’s metabolism.

The program includes education, in-person support and guidance, and counseling to allow you to achieve your goals. It focuses on enlightening you on modifying your lifestyle, including diet, on enhancing lasting changes.

The program also involves working with a nutrition coach who assists you;

·         Point out what you are eating and drinking

·         understand what is best to eat and drink through a daily food plan

·         discover what you need to consume by making better choices with lasting effects

Besides diet and lifestyle modifications, your provider includes an hCG hormone injectable in your weight management program. The hormone increases the amount of weight loss while maintaining a minimal hunger and without metabolism damage.

Your provider allows you to lose the excess fat through a weight-management program while leaving the muscle and structural fat responsible for organs and bones protection.

How does the hCG hormone promote weight loss?

The body usually produces the hCG hormone during pregnancy. Unlike what you may presume hCG hormone is not a sex hormone. The hormone helps both men and women achieve excellent results.

When your provider administers the hormone to your body for weight loss, it activates the brain to generate and free stubborn and diet-resistant fat. The hormone enables you to readjust the number of calories you can consume and break them down logically after achieving your ideal weight.

Benefits of a weight management program

Most people experience effective results with a weight management program rather than weight loss options. A weight management program allows you to understand the basis of having a healthy weight. It helps identify your goals, the challenges involved, and how you can improve them.

The program provides one-on-one support, which ensures the provision of guidance and helps throughout the program, making it easy to achieve your goals.

It provides lasting results; the program involves resetting your metabolism to help you stick to the plan. However, even with all the benefits, you still need to put in the effort, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and stick to your provider’s instructions and diet plan.

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