What Does Emergency Care Involve?

Emergency care can help save your life. Usually, most health issues happen when least expected. Did you know how responding to an emergency health situation has a critical effect on restoring health? It’s advisable to call 911 or visit the nearest emergency practice as soon as a health emergency occurs. The Sugar Land emergency room at St. Michael’s Elite Hospital provides efficient emergency care as needed to help save lives. This article will guide you on what to expect in an emergency room.

What is emergency care?

It is a service in a hospital that involves providing immediate medical care for critical health situations.

Usually, you will find most hospital emergency rooms with large crowds which means more waiting time. From the exam room to seeing the ER provider, the waiting time can be sickening. But, when it comes to saving lives, the shorter the time, the better.

The St. Michael’s Elite Hospital offers emergency care with a shorter waiting time. The practice has advanced equipment and a highly skilled team that ensures you receive the care your need as soon as possible.

For over a decade the St. Michael’s Elite team has provided quality and timely emergency care. They are open 24/7, seven days a week.

Usually, when you get to the facility, you only have to wait for not more than five minutes in a relaxed waiting room. Your provider then leads you to a private exam room.

When do you need emergency care?

Emergency care is necessary when you encounter a fatal health condition. You may seek emergency care at St. Michael’s Elite Hospital if you have the following issues:

·         High fevers

·         Severe bleeding

·         Chest pain

·         Broken bones

·         Abdominal pain

·         Allergic reactions

·         Difficulty breathing

You can expect safe and productive emergency care at St. Michael’s Elite, for patients of all ages. They have inpatient beds which help them serve you even better during emergency care.

What to expect from emergency care?

St. Michael’s Elite team offers compassionate emergency care. They ask about your concerns, examine your symptoms, and review your medical history. They also enquire about what supplements or medications you are currently taking.

The provider at the emergency room performs a physical exam and orders diagnostic tests to help confirm your diagnosis. They use advanced diagnostic testing to get fast and accurate diagnostic results. Some of the diagnostic tests they may request, include:

·         Ultrasound

·         CT scan

·         X-ray

·         Blood work

·         Extremity MRI

·         Urinalysis

Your provider ensures they receive your test results quickly to help provide your emergency care right away. They recommend treatments to help manage your health situation and prevent complications. Depending on your emergency case, they may admit you to the inpatient unit.

If your health situation is critical, they may refer you to a specialist. While in other cases, you may only need to follow up with your primary care provider or go home.

Emergency care is essential, it helps stabilize your health condition and lower your risk of complications. Do not hesitate to call or visit St. Michael’s Elite Hospital when you have an emergency health situation.

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