Primary Care: Why Should You Consider Having A Primary Care Doctor?

Admittedly, the human body and associated health concerns are complex, which explains why healthcare is shared across multiple specializations. Whereas this diversified approach is helpful, relying upon primary care physicians to monitor your general health and wellness provides numerous benefits, unlike what is achievable with the conventional care model. At Oasis Healthcare Service, Inc, there is precisely such a group of primary care physicians. By employing their vast knowledge and experience in primary healthcare, Dr. Troy Taylor and his expert staff guarantee that patients across the Georgia region access care for all their healthcare needs. Dr. Taylor provides key insights in this post to shed light on why you should consider incorporating a primary care doctor into your medical team. Read on to discover the many benefits of primary care. 

Access Preventive Medicine

Remaining proactive about your health is one of the most effective strategies to achieve optimal wellness. With primary care, Dr. Taylor concentrates on primary care, to prevent illnesses wholesomely.

For instance, consider cardiovascular illnesses, the leading reason for fatalities in the U.S. You might be intrigued to find out that the American Center for Disease Control (ACDC) estimates that about 80% of heart diseases are avoidable. Another unnerving illustration is diabetes. Close to 90% of Americans, translating to one in every three persons, are deemed prediabetic, implying that they can restore their health.

In either case, lifestyle modifications, including exercise, enhanced dieting, and weight loss, are crucial in avoiding these major chronic illnesses. Your primary care physician is responsible for providing these preventive measures and guidelines. What’s more, your doctor can advise and help you schedule essential screenings, including colon, breast, or prostate cancer checks, as well as regular blood checks and immunizations.

Benefit From Professional Diagnosis

If you wonder what other benefits primary care could provide, you have it in professional diagnosis. As a primary care doctor, Dr. Taylor is well-versed in numerous health concerns and illnesses that might influence your health and is highly skilled in promptly identifying these concerns.

Besides thoroughly understanding the various health issues that could arise, your primary care doctor will also acknowledge your specific concerns and risks. As a result of this continuous monitoring of your health, your physician may promptly notice any patterns and identify a medical concern, resulting in substantially improved outcomes.

Find Expert Care For Chronic Illnesses

The statistics are wild when it comes to chronic diseases in the United States. Chronic illnesses are pretty common among Americans, with up to 60% of the population struggling with some type of chronic illness, be it cardiovascular issues, lung disease, diabetes, cancer, kidney problems, or Alzheimer’s illness. Whilst medical practitioners are vital in treating these concerns, your primary care physician could assist you in routinely managing your condition.

Accessible Acute Treatment

Last but not least, primary care is critical in acute treatment. You do not have to visit the emergency room every time you need urgent care since a primary care doctor is always accessible. Whether you have suffered a cut, common flu, fractures, sprain, or any other acute concern, your primary care provider can help.

The significance of primary care is evident in virtually any healthcare practice. You do not have to move from one doctor to another to seek different care solutions. Having a primary care doctor is a trusted and reliable resource to provide you with top-quality care, irrespective of your needs and concerns. Arrange an appointment with Dr. Troy Taylor or a team member today to discuss your concerns and discover a tailored care solution for you. Call the Stone Mountain or Covington, GA office or use the online scheduling tool to get started.

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