Why Does Your Common Cold Last So Long?

Colds are caused by a virus that infects your upper respiratory tract, including your nose and throat. Head colds, such as the common cold, are distinct from chest colds, impacting your lower airways and lungs and causing chest congestion and mucus coughing. A cold can drain your energy and make you feel extremely miserable. A sore throat, stuffy or runny nose, watery eyes, and a cough can make it challenging to do your daily activities. Argyle cold/flu usually lasts 3-7 days, but it can last two weeks. If you have been sick for longer than that, you could blame one of these factors.

1.      You are stressed and worried

Your immune system suffers when you are stressed out about life, work, or anything else. You are not as efficient as you should be at fighting viruses. This increases your chances of getting a cold, and once you do, your symptoms will be worse. Continuous stress reduces your body’s ability to respond to cortisol, a hormone that regulates your body’s response to risks such as the virus that causes the common cold.

2.      You are not getting enough sleep

Sleep aids in the proper functioning of your immune system. When you have a cold, you should get plenty of rest to help your body fight off the virus. For the first three days, ease up. Inadequate sleep can also increase your chances of catching a cold. Individuals who sleep for fewer than 7 hours per night are almost three times more probably to get sick than those who sleep for 8 hours or more.

3.      You are dehydrated

It is easy to become dehydrated when you are sick. Swallowing can be a problem if you have a sore throat. A fever causes your body to lose moisture. Furthermore, you lose fluid as your body produces mucus, draining away. And what about that over-the-counter cold medicine you are taking to keep your head dry? It can also cause dehydration in the rest of your body. As a result, drink plenty of water, juice, or soup. Aside from that, all that liquid aids in loosening mucus in your nose and head. When looking for something to sip, stay away from alcohol, coffee, and caffeine.

Diagnosing a common cold

A common cold rarely necessitates a visit to the clinician’s office. Identifying the signs of a cold is frequently all that is required to determine your diagnosis. Of course, if your condition worsens or lasts longer than ten days, you should see a doctor. You could be suffering from a different medical condition, which your doctor will be able to identify. If you have a cold, you can anticipate the virus leaving your system in 7-10 days. If your physician diagnoses a cold, you will probably only need to treat your illnesses until the virus has finished its course. Some of the treatments available are over-the-counter (OTC) cold medications, drinking plenty of fluids, and getting enough rest.

Natural treatments are not the only ones that do not work for colds. Antibiotics will also be ineffective because a virus causes these illnesses. The most effective way to treat a cold is to manage the symptoms. Antibiotics should only be used for strep throat or a sinus infection. Call Argyle Pediatrics to book your consultation and learn more about the common cold.

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