What Are the Benefits of IV Vitamin Infusion?

Medications help treat various health issues and improve wellness. You can use the medication in different forms, including injections and tablets. They both provide the same benefits, only that their mode of action may differ. Johns Creek IV vitamin infusion at the Lenox Medical Clinic provides the fastest way for vitamins and nutrients to reach your body. It allows the provision of faster results compared to other forms of medications. This article will give you more information on iv vitamin infusion.

What is IV vitamin infusion?

Usually, when you take vitamins in the form of food, their absorption may take longer because they have to undergo the digestion process. It also means you might not receive the whole quantity since some may be lost along the process.

IV Vitamin infusion is a treatment method to deliver vitamins and nutrients right into your bloodstream. The treatment allows immediate absorption of the vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and fluids into the body.

The infusion therapy occurs within 30 to 60 minutes. Your provider inserts the IV into your vein to allow fluids to get into your body while you relax in a quiet setting.

Infusion therapy provides essential vitamins and nutrients meant to rejuvenate your body system. It restores your body’s nutrients and fluids, allowing you to feel better and promoting faster healing.

Who can benefit from IV vitamin infusion therapy?

Generally, anyone can benefit from IV vitamin infusion therapy and can be more helpful in the following situations.

·         When recovering from a respiratory tract infection

·         Have fatigue

·         You have dehydration

·         Suffered an illness with severe vomiting or diarrhea

·         After participating in a marathon or any other sport

·         When healing from a urinary tract infection

Usually, your provider will analyze your symptoms to decide on IV vitamin infusion therapy that will give the best results.

Which are fluids used in IV vitamin infusion therapy?

IV therapy does not only consist of vitamins. In some cases like dehydration, your provider may recommend a drip of a normal saline solution to restore your hydration. In other cases, the IV therapy may include a Ringer’s lactate, a fluid with electrolytes such as potassium, sodium, calcium, chloride, or lactate.

You may also have an IV vitamin infusion for various vitamins.

What are the benefits of an IV vitamin infusion?

You may choose IV vitamin infusion for various reasons, but some of its health and wellness benefits include:

·         Restores your fluid, electrolyte, and nutrients

·         Faster recovery after a workout

·         Relieves fatigue

·         Boosts energy levels

·         Restores hydration

·         Improves healing

·         Strengthens your immune system

·         Stress management

·         Provides better results than other forms of treatments

In addition to the benefits, IV vitamin infusion also has its cons, including the following.

·         Has a potential risk of overdose

·         It does not provide a lasting solution

·         It may interfere with your electrolytes levels

You are also likely to experience a warm flushing sensation after the infusion and increased thirst. However, the symptoms do not last for long.

It’s critical to ensure you get your IV vitamin infusion from a professional medical provider. It ensures you receive the best vitamins for your health and lowers the chances of infection and side effects. Call Lenox Medical Clinic today to have your IV vitamin infusion from the experts.

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