Women Who Qualify For Egg Donation

Most women desire to have children but can only rely on technology and medical advancement to overcome challenges in childbearing. If you have tried for many years to have a child and cannot, it is high time you consider visiting a fertility clinic for consultation. Maybe your problem as a woman can get solved through egg donation Murray Hill. Egg donation is a process through which you can get ova from a young and healthy woman and have it fertilized in the lab. Afterward, the doctors transfer the egg to your uterus, and you can happily carry your baby to term. This article will review the five categories of special women whose plight changes through egg donation. 

  1. Low Fertility

Infertility interferes with the ability of a woman to conceive. You can suffer low infertility due to intermittent ovulation resulting from hormonal imbalance. Additionally, you can have low fertility because of damage or blockage occurring in the fallopian tube. Such issues in the fallopian tube cause the sperm not to reach the ova, interfering with fertilization. Besides, endometriosis can also interfere with your fertility because of abnormal tissue growth. If the doctor performs surgery to remove the tissues, you can experience scarring, interfering with implantation. 

2.  Women With Uterus But No Ovaries 

Certain health conditions such as endometriosis and ovarian can cause the removal of ovaries. If you still desire to have babies, you can consult your doctor on egg donation. Egg donation allows you to conceive again even if you can no longer produce ova because of the removed ovaries. 

3.      Women Who Want To Shield the Next Generation 

If you realize that you have undesirable genetic factors that you do not want to pass to your generation through routine checkups, then egg donation can help you. For instance, you can take note that most of your siblings have at one time suffered from cancer; you can therefore opt for egg donation to avoid exposing your children to cancer through egg donation. Because the fertility specialist screens the egg donor for genetic issues, it is an assurance that your babies will not have any issues. 

4.      Women of A Certain Age

If you are forty-two years and above and you still desire to have a baby, egg donation will save you the agony of attempting conception unsuccessfully. As you age, the egg quality deteriorates, and you tend to produce ova with chromosomal abnormalities. You will also tend to experience multiple miscarriages, which can toll your emotional and physical health. Therefore, visit a fertility expert for egg donation to save yourself from such issues.  

Having a child is no longer an uphill task for women because of innovations such as egg donation. Noble Fertility Center is one of the facilities enabling the four categories of women to get to hold their children. The fertility experts offer anonymous egg donation and directed egg donation services. Regardless of the type of donation you choose, the doctors screen the donor thoroughly to ensure maximum chances of fertilization. Call or book an appointment online today. 

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