Top 5 Reasons To Consider Breast Lift Surgery

For women of all ages, their breasts’ shape, size, and general appearance play a huge role in their sense of femininity and confidence. Being satisfied with your breasts could lead to improved self-esteem, translating to better relationships, career success, and other benefits. Sadly, multiple life events could hurt the breasts, including pregnancy, breastfeeding, and weight reduction. Matthew J. Lynch, MD, and the caring staff recognize this; hence, they are committed to assisting patients in attaining their desired breast contour through breast lifts. Read on to learn more about the top 5 reasons you should consider a breast lift East Windsor surgery.

1)      Breast Rejuvenation After Pregnancy

One of the most prevalent reasons women get a breast lift or reshaping procedure is to restore the contour and look of their breasts following pregnancy. Stretch marks, sagging breasts, and a lack of skin suppleness are all common side effects of pregnancy. These issues are mostly due to breastfeeding and pregnancy-related weight swings.

Breast contouring or a breast lift can help you regain the height of your breasts, decrease the appearance of stretch marks, and return your breasts to their pre-pregnancy shape, size, and appearance.

2)      Reshape Your Breasts Following Significant Weight Loss

Breast tissue loss could occur as a result of weight reduction. As you drop weight, your breasts might become less full, firm, and tend to sag. A breast lift or contouring is a helpful technique to address this problem. During the breast lift surgery, the extra skin is eliminated, and the tissue and muscles are tightened to maintain your breasts high on your chest; thus, addressing the typical weight-loss concerns.

3)      Reposition Sagging Or downward-pointing Nipples

Your nipples may have changed position owing to pregnancy or aging, or you might have always had low, downward-pointing nipples. Although there is nothing abnormal with this, due to societal and personal inclinations and beauty standards, most women prefer nipples marginally higher on their breasts. As the breast lift raises the breast, the nipples and areola could be relocated and positioned upward.

4)      You Want To Make Your Areola Smaller

You can minimize your areolae’s size with most breast lift surgeries, breast contouring, and even breast reduction surgeries. Women with huge areolae might be self-conscious, resulting in low self-esteem. If you have trouble with this, one of these solutions, specifically a breast lift could help.

5)      You Are Self-Conscious About Your Breasts’ Shape Or Height

Being self-conscious about your breast’s shape or height is why most women consider breast lifts. Breast shape and height are extremely personal preferences, and irrespective of the reason for any loss of breast elasticity or height, a raise or reshaping might help you feel more comfortable. Once your breasts are high on your chest, skin elasticity and pertness will improve, providing a more natural and youthful look, making you feel more confident.

Whether you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your breasts or if you are experiencing physical discomfort or hindrances due to your sagging breasts, breast lift surgery might be the ultimate solution. During your initial consultation, Dr. Matthew Lynch will discuss your concerns and care goals to develop a tailored care plan. Call the East Windsor, NJ office or use the online scheduling tool to arrange an appointment today.

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