Breast reduction can help increase self-confidence levels

While there are many women who undergo breast enlargement surgery to get large breasts, there are also many women with overly large breasts who want to undergo a breast reduction surgery. They want to reduce their breast size as their breasts lead to lots of emotional pain and discomfort and hinder them from leading an active and fulfilling life.

Moreover, their large breasts make them suffer from pain in their neck, shoulders and back and may also suffer from skin irritation under the crease of each breast and visible shoulder indentations formed by bra straps.

Cripple your self-image
In addition to all this physical discomfort, large breasts can also cripple one’s self-image as women with large breasts are bothered by the fact that their breasts are too large for their physique. They also commonly complain about sagging skin and enlarged areolas because of their large breasts.

Breast reduction surgery or reduction mammaplasty provides a solution for women with large breasts. Of course, the decision to undergo this reduction surgery should be solely the woman’s decision and not made to meet other people’s expectations.

Discuss options with your surgeon
If you opt to undergo a breast reduction surgery, your surgeon will discuss all available options which include surgical techniques and your final breast size, and accordingly determine which procedure is the most effective at producing the desired results for your body. You also need to discuss your health and any risk factors or pre-existing conditions you have which may affect the surgery, along with the surgery risks and complications.

The surgery is rather simple and involves the careful correction of excess tissues, suspensory ligaments and the final repositioning of your nipple areola complex based on the new breast shape.

Increased self-confidence levels
With a breast reduction surgery, you finally get a proportionate breast size that gives you some peace of mind and improved confidence and self-image levels. Moreover, you feel more comfortable and life looks so much rosy because of your smaller and lighter breasts.

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