The Benefits of Foot and Ankle Surgery

You may not need surgery when suffering from foot and ankle pain, but you should let a podiatrist inspect the feet and follow a professional opinion. The feet impact balance and determine if you can walk upright or not. Foot & ankle surgery Mill Creek, WA, can resolve foot problems related to overuse of the ankle joint. You can adapt better foot care techniques such as wearing well-fitting shoes, moisturizing, and wearing breathable socks and shoes to improve podiatric health. Here are reasons to consider undergoing foot and ankle surgery.

Signs You May Need the Foot or Ankle Surgery

The feet and ankles support the whole body and have complicated musculoskeletal structures prone to injury. The joint may twist, fracture, or sprain easily due to strenuous activities. Therefore, it is essential to preserve its health to achieve an upright posture. You may need foot and ankle surgery if you feel chronic pain, constant heel pain, or pain when walking. You may need the surgery if there are enlarged bunions, bone spurs, blisters, corns, neuromas, joint swelling, and difficulty standing for an extended time.

Benefits of the Foot and Ankle Surgery

The surgery improves foot and ankle appearance and is ideal for patients with congenital issues and deformities. The surgery can alleviate bunions, corns, and bone spurs, thus increasing the functionality of the feet. The surgery will increase comfort and enhance self-confidence.

The surgery offers pain relief for people with foot injuries as the procedure restores the ankle joint function. Your podiatrist might replace broken ligaments with artificial ones that function like natural ones, thus alleviating the pain. The procedure may prevent future foot issues like Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

The procedure leads to better footwear selection since it corrects issues such as corns, bunions, and bone spurs which affect the feet’ shape. After the surgery, you can enjoy a great footwear selection, making it easy to meet your fashion style. Moreover, the podiatrist may recommend orthodontics which correct balance, restore ankle function, and improve walking. Thus, you can achieve better mobility as the procedure corrects any issues on your feet.

How to Prevent Feet Pain and Injuries

·       Feet pain may occur due to underlying health conditions like arthritis or being overweight. Therefore, dealing with these underlying issues is vital before choosing a surgical procedure. Maintaining an optimum weight will reduce the pressure exerted on the feet, leading to better posture and foot health.

·       You may choose better feet to wear which don’t exert pressure on the feet as ill-fitting shoes may lead to bunions and corn. The corns and bunions will lead to chronic pain and affect walking. Your shoes should fit the feet snuggly to avoid developing foot issues that require surgery.

·       You can practice better skills in athletic activities to avoid straining and injuring the feet. Injuries cause chronic pain, which eventually makes it necessary to get corrective surgery.

Feet and ankles are made of complicated musculoskeletal structures prone to sprains, twists, and other injuries. You may not need foot surgery every time you feel pain, and your podiatrist will inspect the feet to determine if you are eligible for the surgical procedures. You can opt for surgery to correct chronic foot pain, improve walking, and correct congenital and traumatic issues. It is better to practice prevention tips such as maintaining a good weight, treating underlying health conditions, and preventing injuries.

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