Is a Root Canal Therapy Necessary? Here Are 6 Telltale Signs

Up to 15% of persons in the United States avoid pursuing crucial dental treatments like root canal therapy every year due to misconceptions about it. Surprisingly, root canal treatment is a better alternative to tooth extraction, and with 97% of all root canal procedures being effective, it is much safer than you think. However, how could you determine if you require a root canal? You do not have to waste time going to the dentist’s office only to discover that it was a false alarm. Here are some of the telltale symptoms that a Carthay root canal treatment is a solution to your concerns. Read on to find out more.

1.      Experiencing Excruciating Pain

If you suddenly experience excruciating pain in your mouth without warning, it could indicate that the tooth is infected or dead and has to be treated right away. Simply consider the following: Is there anything that aggravates the pain? Does your pain worsen whenever you attempt to lie down? Do you notice more discomfort when you lean over? These symptoms could point to a root canal condition.

2.      Your Gums Have Bumps on Them

As soon as a shift happens within your mouth, you will recognize it with your tongue. You will most likely revisit the location several times. If you detect many little bumps on your gums, you might need a root canal to cure an infection. Dental fistula, or lesions that resemble pimples, could signal an infection; thus, it is important to have them evaluated.

3.      Increased Hot And Cold Teeth Sensitivity

Some persons are naturally sensitive to cold and hot foods even if they do not require root canal treatment. Besides, it is natural to experience sensitivity following dental therapy. However, if the discomfort from eating and drinking persists after your therapy, it could indicate a root canal problem. Any discomfort that lasts more than a week necessitates medical treatment.

4.      Cracked Or Chipped Teeth

A chipped tooth can be excruciatingly painful. A root canal could be necessary if a tooth’s pulp has been exposed due to trauma. If the tooth is extensively damaged to the point where the emerald is fractured, the root canal therapy will aim to salvage what is left of the tooth.

5.      Swollen Gums

After undergoing a standard dental procedure, your gums may appear swollen. However, if the inflammation has not subsided after several days, this could result from an infection. Undoubtedly, if you floss or clean your teeth too vigorously, your gums can swell. Inflamed gums that are tender and sensitive to the touch, even following a light brushing, strongly indicate that something has to be done.

6.      You Have Noticed That Your Gums Have Darkened

If your gums have gotten substantially darker in the last several days, an infection could be to blame. Even a minor gum infection can worsen and lead to tooth damage if left unaddressed. As such, if your gums have turned dark and your teeth have become uncomfortable, you may need root canal treatment.

People are afraid of root canal therapy because they believe it will be painful. However, the anxiety and tension in the days preceding the procedure are far more stressful than anything you should expect during your dental appointment. At SMILE PERFECTOR DENTAL GROUP, Dr. David Shouhed and his expert staff will make you feel at ease and deliver personalized care that fully meets your needs. If you suspect you require a root canal treatment in California, do not hesitate. Make an appointment today by calling the nearest office or booking online.

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