All You Need To Know About Interventional Pain Management

Are you experiencing chronic pain that does not go away after taking pain-relieving prescriptions? You might want to get the innovative pain treatments that advances in research and technology have discovered. The doctors and researchers have an understanding that pain is one of the unpleasant feelings that affects every aspect of your life. For instance, if you have pain, you cannot undertake your routine activities and even getting to your favorite event becomes an uphill task. However, all is not lost as the interventional pain management Olney, MD, ensures they manage your pain using the latest technology. Therefore, in this article, you will learn about the various available interventional pain management techniques.

1.      Nerve Blocks

You know that you feel pain after the signals travel to the brain through the nerves. Therefore, if your nerves act up and cause you to experience exacerbating pain, you will need treatment that blocks them from transmitting the pain. Therefore, you will get a nerve block injection on an area established through X-ray testing after visiting your doctor. After the injection, you will not feel pain for some days and even weeks, depending on the dosage. Therefore, you can lead a normal life.

2.      Infusions

If you are tired of taking prescriptions that do not offer you relief for chronic pain, you can consult your physician on whether you qualify for infusion. The infusions allow your body to get the pain-relieving medication directly to your body. For instance, if you have joint pain and are looking for long-term relief, you can regularly have an intravenous infusion. The doctor will place a catheter on your arm or hand and then deliver medication to the blood.

3.      Injections

Some injections deal with the source of the pain, especially in the spinal cord. The epidural injections effectively relieve pain from your spines and travel either to your arm or leg. The doctor will identify the nerve responsible for the pain and perform an epidural injection close to it. Your doctor can recommend facet joint injections if you have chronic joint pain. Also, if the pain results from muscle contraction, you can get trigger point injections. The injection made from a combination of steroids and anesthetic offers you relief from pain and muscle contraction.

4.      Spinal Cord Stimulation

If you have pain, you can get spinal cord stimulation and do not want regular clinic visits to get pain-relieving medication. The doctor inserts a minute generator in your abdomen or buttock area. The generator releases electrical waves that inhibit the pain signals from reaching your brain. If the pain becomes intense, you can alter the level of the electric waves released.

Pain affects every aspect of your life and has the possibility of making you wish for death. However, today, medical progression has developed very effective treatments for chronic pain. Choice Pain and Rehabilitation Center LLC is a facility that treats many types of pain. Whether you have neck or knee pain and if your pain results from a chronic condition like cancer, you can book your appointment today and benefit from the cutting-edge treatment.

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