Everything you need to know concerning general dentistry

Having any dental problem affects your overall health and nutritional intake. These concerns make it quite difficult for you to chew food and restrict you to certain diets. As a result, meeting your nutritional body requirements becomes challenging, thus affecting your overall health and wellbeing. And you are supposed to seek medical help before your dental concern worsens. Usually, various solutions are available for several problems like dental implants, crowns, bridges, and tooth extraction, among many others. Therefore, if you have any dental concerns and seek treatment, Dr. Kenn Kakosian provides a solution to all your problems. Together with other healthcare providers, he offers various dentistry services to ensure all your needs are met and problems are taken care of. Below is all you need to know concerning general dentistry.

What is general dentistry?

It is a branch of medicine that provides complete oral care and entails digital x-rays, oral examination, and teeth cleaning. You are advised to ensure you visit or consult a general dentist at least once a year. Doing so reduces your risk of developing dental conditions like gum disease and tooth cavities, among other serious problems.

What services does a general dentist offer?

 Examples of services provided under general dentistry include:

·         Extractions

Extraction involves the removal of severely damaged teeth that are beyond repair or impacted wisdom teeth. Your care provider begins with numbing your mouth using local anesthesia during your tooth extraction procedure. Unique tools are then used to help extract the affected tooth or teeth.

·         Crowns

Crown refers to a cap whose role is to repair severely damaged or decayed teeth. It also helps return your teeth to their normal size, thus enabling you to chew or bite food. It also prevents further complications from arising.

·         Teeth cleaning

Teeth cleaning involves eliminating the plaque that has formed on your teeth and gum surfaces. Later on, the teeth are flossed and polished. Fluoride treatment is then applied after that.

·         Oral exams

The purpose of performing an oral examination is to help assess the health of your gum, teeth, or smile. Through this examination, potential conditions are noted, like gum disease or cavities, before they start causing problems.

·         Sealants

They have commonly applied to the teeth located at the back of your mouth. In most cases, sealants are made of plastic. Their function is to prevent bacteria from damaging your enamel, thus reducing the chances of your teeth decaying.

·         Fillings

Fillings are commonly used to repair your enamel. Tooth-colored composite fillings are commonly used because they look like your natural enamel. Therefore, one cannot easily notice that anything has altered your teeth.

·         Veneers

Veneers are composed of thin shells that are permanently attached to your front teeth. The function of veneers is to cover minor teeth concerns such as misshapen teeth or stains.

·         Root canal therapy

Root canal therapy helps maintain a damaged or decayed tooth because it removes the pulp cavity usually located at the middle part of your tooth. After the pulp has been removed, the tooth is covered using a crown.

General dentistry helps deal with various dental concerns and teeth imperfections. Therefore, if you have a dental concern and seek treatment, you can start by calling DentAlign NYC today.

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