How People with Mobility Issues Benefit from Stair-lifts

One of the biggest problems with getting on in years is a decrease in mobility, and more often than not people will find that their biggest struggle is getting up and down the stairs. Thanks to the invention of stairlifts for the elderly a couple of decades ago, no longer are they forced to stay on one level, and they can go up to bed and come down in the morning just as the rest of us do. The original stairlift, while ingenious in its design, could only be attached to one straight wall, so if you had a staircase with any kind of corners you would have to do without, or lay out the cash for two.

Fitted Anywhere
Thankfully, modern stairifts can be fixed to any kind of staircase, so nobody need do without, and as mobility problems can be both temporary and permanent, you can even save money by buying a reconditioned stair lift to save money if you only want one temporarily, or if you feel a stairlift is necessary but don’t have the money to buy a new one. Those who have stairlifts installed in their homes will sing their praises as it gives them an independence they wouldn’t otherwise have.

Choice of Styles
There are several styles of stairlifts available today. The first one is the straight stair lift which was mentioned previously and carries its passenger up one straight flight of stairs. Then there are curved stairlifts, which get around the problems the earlier straight ones had. These have custom made rails to fit around curves and corners ensuring one smooth passage up or down for the person sitting in it. The downside is that these are more expensive than straight ones but for those who need them they are priceless.

If you or a loved one now has age related problems that makes a staircase a nightmare to climb then a modern stairlift could be the ideal situation. It gives them independence as well as preserving their health as the likelihood of falling or tripping on the staircase is eliminated.

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