Top 5 benefits of Concierge Psychiatry care

You have a medical concern and contact your doctor, only to be informed that you can see them in two weeks for a 15-minute appointment. The difficulty of not accessing the mental care you require whenever you want may be exhausting; hence the reason ADHD Institute of Michigan emphasizes concierge care. The expert psychiatrists at the practice offer a unique approach to your mental health and well-being by making themselves easily accessible to you through concierge care. Here are the top 5 benefits of Ann Arbor, MI concierge psychiatry care and what it could do for you. Check out this post to find out more.

1.      An Open Channel Of Communication

It can be pretty aggravating to contact your doctor only to have employees act as intermediaries. With concierge care, you can communicate directly with your psychiatrist at ADHD Institute of Michigan by phone, text, or a private patient portal network. This form of direct contact enables you and your physician to have honest and open talks regarding your well-being without fearing miscommunication or lost messages.

2.      Care When You Require It

Your mental health is not inclined to follow a routine. Therefore, your treatment should not be restricted to a routine either. With concierge care, you may reach out to your physician or their staff at any time, even on weekends or after hours. The psychiatrists in Ann Arbor, MI, are readily accessible to respond to your concerns.

3.      Enjoy Undivided Attention

Concierge care is the solution to the issue of feeling unheard or rushed when visiting a healthcare professional. Through their tailored approach to medical care, the psychiatrists at ADHD Institute of Michigan may have fewer patients. As a result, it allows these specialists to spend more time with those under their care.

To put it another way, concierge psychiatry care does not involve 15-minute ‘drive-by’ consultations. Instead, these professionals plan 30 to 45 or even 60-minute appointments based on your unique requirements. For this reason, your psychiatrist has the opportunity to not only offer you the therapy and psychiatry services you look forward to but also the opportunity to talk about any issues or concerns you might have.

4.      Keeping Track Of Your Medications

The physiatrists at ADHD Institute of Michigan recognize the importance of medication management for your mental health and wellbeing; hence, they make all efforts to keep you on track. If your psychiatrist has given you prescriptions and you want more, they can arrange same-day refills through our concierge care.

5.      Access Preventative Rather Than Reactive Care

Concierge practitioners may focus on preventative instead of reactive treatment because they see patients more frequently and for extended periods. Conventional psychiatrists provide treatment that concentrates on your current health issues and seeks to resolve them quickly. On the other hand, during each session with a concierge psychiatrist, they will assess your medical concern to assist you in recognizing and diagnosing mental health difficulties as they arise before they become more serious.

Are you struggling with ADHD, anxiety, stress, PTSD, depression, or other mental health concerns? If so, you are not alone! Mental health problems are a growing epidemic in the United States that should not be taken lightly. Luckily, with concierge psychiatry care at ADHD Institute of Michigan, patients can enjoy individualized, comprehensive care for various mental health concerns. To explore the benefits of concierge care for your mental health, make an appointment through mobile or request online today.

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