Reasons You May Opt for Egg Freezing

Infertility has affected many homes, bringing sadness, shame, and stigma. Some of the factors that increase your risk of infertility include age. But what if there is a way to prevent it from happening? It might happen that you are not ready for children when you are at the peak of your fertility. The egg freezing Newport Beach specialist may help preserve your eggs until you start a family. This piece guides you on how you can benefit from egg freezing.

What is egg freezing?

It’s a fertility technique that allows women to preserve their eggs for use in the future. Your provider harvests eggs from your ovaries and freezes them for later use. When you are ready, your provider thaws the eggs, merges them with sperm in a lab, and then puts the embryo in the uterus for implantation.

Usually, your provider will determine whether you qualify for this procedure. He evaluates your treatment goals and reproductive history to ensure you benefit from egg freezing.

Reasons you may need egg freezing

You can benefit from egg freezing if you hope to get pregnant in the future but are not ready for pregnancy now. You may consider egg freezing for the following reasons;

·         For in vitro fertilization

·         You have a health condition or issue that may interfere with your fertility.

·         Treatments for cancer among, other issues that may affect your fertility

·         Preserving younger eggs for future use

Typically, egg freezing gives you a chance to start a family when prepared mentally and financially.

How successful is egg freezing?

Usually, a woman has high fertility during her twenties, and fertility decreases in her 30s. Women can conceive after 35; however, it might be harder to sustain a pregnancy due to the limited egg quantity.

Egg freezing involves a fertility preservation method that enhances the extraction of egg cells, freezing them for future use.

What to expect during the egg freezing procedure?

The procedure for egg freezing is similar to in vitro fertilization. Your provider administers hormone injections to trigger your ovaries to produce several egg follicles.

Your provider waits for the follicles to mature and retrieves the eggs. They examine the eggs and choose the most viable for freezing.

How do frozen eggs become a viable pregnancy?

When ready to conceive, your provider thaws the eggs and meets them with sperm from a donor or partner. After a few days, the fertilized eggs develop into embryos. Your provider places the seeds into your uterus for implantation.

 The chances of pregnancy with egg freezing depend on your age during egg freezing. Egg freezing from older women may not provide effective results. Generally, the options for pregnancy with egg freezing vary from 30 to 60%.

Egg freezing may help preserve your fertility if you are not ready to have children right now. It allows you to freeze your eggs during your highest fertility and use them to get pregnant in the future. It helps you make your choices about life and conceive only when you are ready. Contact OC Fertility today to learn more about egg freezing.

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