What You Need to Know About Genetic Testing

As the popularity of home gene kits continue to rise, you may be surprised at the vast amount of information that can be reported. Not only can genetic testing help you connect with your ancestral past, but now many gene testing companies can give you a glimpse into what your DNA says about your future. Here are a few things you need to know about the testing supplied by genomics companies.

Connect to Your Past

One of the most interesting aspects of genetic testing is the linking of hereditary genes to particular locations across the globe. Through the use of a high-tech array scanner and other scientifically advanced processes, your genome can be mapped to gene databases that can give you insight into your ancestry. Who knows? You might even find a long-lost cousin or two.

Analyze Your Present

Another great benefit of genetic testing is the ability to find genetic markers for things such as allergies or food intolerances. While it’s certainly still a health-based technology in progress, genetic testing means that you can possibly find answers to health questions that have been stumping your regular doctors. 

Predict Your Future

While genome testing is by no means a perfect science, certain genetic markers in your DNA may help to predict potential health risks in your future. By comparing your gene mapping to tests based on genes known to be associated with hereditary diseases such as breast cancer and Parkinson’s, you can have a heads up of a possible health concern that can be treated early, if not completely preventable.

As this technology increases in popularity, more genetic markers are being associated with health concerns and genealogical information in the past, present, and future. This is an intriguing possibility for those who are interested to see what a genetic test can say about their DNA.

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