Yoga Terminology For Beginners

There are many words and phrases in yoga, and it can be useful to have a grasp of the basics. For example, a mantra is a sacred word or sound that is repeated to focus the mind during a meditation or yoga session. Mantras are derived from Sanskrit, a language that has ancient roots and a profound spiritual effect on the human mind. One of the most commonly used mantras in yoga is ‘ommm’.

There are five major types of breathing techniques in yoga. Ujayii breathing, for example, refers to the deep breathing exercise involving the nose. The breath should not be forced or harsh, but rather should be a steady, natural pattern. This helps keep the yogi relaxed and gives the yoga practice its cadence. Heavy breathing, on the other hand, indicates the yogi is pushing himself. A yogi practicing ujayi breathing is a very common type of yoga practice.

Similarly, yoga postures are called asana. Pranayama is the control of life-force through breath work. The word “pranayama” is short for a series of breathing exercises called asana. It also refers to any breathing control or technique used in yoga. Another basic term in yoga is limb. This refers to a posture that is used to support the body, such as a downward-facing dog pose.

You should know at least 15 basic yoga terms for beginners. To build up your yoga vocabulary, a beginner can use a list of these terms as a reference. This list highlights some of the most common terms and can also be useful in Sanskrit or English lessons. Basic yoga terms, like abhyasa, refer to an ongoing exercise or spiritual practice. A yoga class should be fun, relaxing, and energizing. But don’t worry, learning basic yoga terminology won’t make you look silly.

Another important term to know is asana. Sanskrit means “comfortable seat,” and it is used in yoga. Asanas are the various yoga postures that you practice, and you will likely hear the term “asana” throughout a yoga class. But what do they mean? It all boils down to two basic concepts: pranayama and asana. In yoga, pranayama and asana go hand-in-hand. Proper pranayama allows the flow of prana.

Among the basic yoga postures, the most popular one is’sun salute’. It involves the feet and hands planted on the floor, and the body is in a “V” shape. Another basic yoga term is “the light within me bows to you”. At the end of a yoga class, students are often said to have reached the Anjali position, which is performed by pressing the palms together at the heart, touching the pointer finger and thumb together.

The most important mantra in yoga is ‘Namaste.’ The phrase is said at the beginning and the end of each class and is a symbol of respect. The word “Om” is a sound, not a word. It consists of three distinct sounds, each of which is pronounced differently in different languages. The chanting of the om should be focused, and it should feel like vibrations in the body.

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