5 Telltale Signs You Should Visit an Orthopedic Surgeon- Dr. Michael Bennett

Your musculoskeletal system works hard daily to sustain your body’s weight and assist you in moving around. Unfortunately, this critical body system is not exempt from disease, damage, or degenerative wear and tear. Musculoskeletal issues can trigger varying degrees of pain; thus, restricting movement and interfering with your daily activities. So, when might you need to see an orthopedic surgeon? Dr. J. Michael Bennett advises patients to look out for these common signs of musculoskeletal system damage. Read on to learn more.

1.      If You Have Recently Suffered an Injury or Trauma

Whereas your musculoskeletal system is tough, it is susceptible to quick and violent stress from accidents or contact sports. A bad fall might harm your musculoskeletal tissues, causing ligament tears or even fractures. The following are the most common injuries that may necessitate an orthopedic surgeon’s visit:

§  ACL tear

§  Rotator cuff tear

§  Achilles tendon tear

§  Fracture

§  Tendon rupture

§  Tennis elbow

§  Pitcher’s elbow

§  Stingers and burners

It is advisable to contact an orthopedic surgeon immediately if you are experiencing severe pain following an injury. If they remain unaddressed, such injuries could result in more discomfort or loss of functionality. Even though some sports injuries do not trigger immediate symptoms, it is always a good idea to see a doctor to be certain.

2.      If You Have Problems With Stability

Instability is another reason to pursue an orthopedic surgeon’s counsel and knowledge. Persons with difficulty walking, standing, or transitioning with ease should investigate whether they have an orthopedic problem. The best way to confirm or rule out this diagnosis is to have an orthopedic specialist perform a comprehensive examination of your health.

3.      If You Suffer Limited Range of Motion

The musculoskeletal system is vital to everyday mobility; hence, any issues might restrict your motion range. The range of motion of your joints relates to how far you can move and extend them. It is recommended to visit an orthopedic specialist if you feel that your range of motion has suddenly reduced.

4.      If Your Life Quality is in Jeopardy

Some orthopedic symptoms are simple to dismiss, while others are nearly difficult to overlook. If your symptoms prompt you to miss out on vital or meaningful activities, the issue affects your life quality. It is best to visit an orthopedic surgeon if you are no longer capable of doing the things you used to love. Your doctor will suggest appropriate therapies to restore your life quality.

5.      If You Want to Avoid Sports Injuries

Even if you do not have a serious musculoskeletal problem or sports injury, you should consult an orthopedic surgeon for routine maintenance. Their expert advice is beneficial to anybody who desires to live an active lifestyle. These professionals can identify and address weak spots that could lead to harm during a game or normal workout. Besides, prevention is better than cure.

Are you experiencing one or more of the concerns mentioned above? If so, it might be time to consult an orthopedic surgeon near you. For those in Houston or Sugar Land, TX, you need not look further than J. Michael Bennett, MD, PA. While Dr. Bennett is a certified orthopedic surgeon, he still provides a wide range of non-surgical alternatives to surgery for your injury or condition. Arrange an appointment today through mobile or book online to discuss your concerns and explore your treatment options.

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