Minimally Invasive Spine Surgeries: Why They’re Gaining Popularity

As technology advances, so does the medical field. With new and innovative procedures being developed, spine surgery is no exception. One such procedure gaining popularity in recent years is minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS). In Washington, Pennsylvania, medical centers are embracing modernized procedures more. So what exactly is MISS, and why are more and more people opting for it? Let’s take a closer look. However, first visit the best center for spinal surgery in Washington, PA.

Quicker Recovery and Less Discomfort

First and foremost, MISS has been found to give patients of all ages quicker recovery times and minor discomfort. While more traditional spine surgeries involve making a large incision on the back of the patient, MISS is performed by making small pinhole-sized incisions instead. The result of these tiny openings? A smaller amount of trauma to the body, which in turn means more comfort for the patient.

More Precise Effectiveness

When you have traditional spinal surgery, the surgeon must remove or detach parts of your spine to reach where the problem lies. This means added risk of potential complications since your spine is being operated on while the vertebrae are still attached. MISS is more precise because it lets surgeons reach the source of the problem with only small incisions on either side of the spine.

Less Chance of Complications

Another significant advantage of MISS over traditional spine surgeries is that the latter carries a greater chance of complications. This is especially true with patients who are elderly or very young. With MISS, however, both are less likely to experience postoperative complications, which would mean faster recovery times for them as well.

Much Smaller Scars

While most procedures require an overnight stay in the hospital, patients can usually return to their normal daily activities within just days. Since many of these surgeries involve little-to-no cutting of the patient’s muscles or bones, they also leave much smaller scars. It allows for a better healing environment and ultimately gives the patient even more comfort.

Reduced Pain

As a result of MISS, patients also experience reduced pain and a better overall experience. Since the patient is less traumatized by the procedure, they have improved breathing capacity post-surgery. It means that they recover from major and minor surgeries much faster than before. In addition, since many techniques involve just one or two small incisions instead of several large ones, patients also experience reduced bruising and swelling.

Less Blood Loss

These modern surgeries also lead to less blood loss in patients. It’s especially true compared to traditional spine surgeries that involve large incisions and extensive cutting. In the end, all of these benefits mean a better overall experience for both the patient and their loved ones. And with more and more people opting for minimally invasive spine surgeries each year, this certainly isn’t going to be changing any time soon.

Lower Risk of Infections

Infections are significantly reduced since the incisions are much smaller with these procedures. This is common with children or elderly patients who traditionally have difficulty avoiding infection post-surgery. As mentioned earlier too, these procedures also allow for much faster recovery times in patients than more traditional spine surgeries would.

MISS is an incredible way for physicians to perform spine surgery without the patient unnecessarily suffering as a result. If you’re considering having any spine surgery soon, talk with your doctor about this increasingly popular option.

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